Start a Cerealphoria a Muesli + Shake Bar Franchise

aromatic. colorful. Muesli good.

We designed our brand to be very affordable and easy to duplicate. Our unique and innovative concept uses cereal and ice cream, breakfast and dessert, two of the fastest growing food segments in the country!

Cereal euphoria

We offer fantastic breakfast and dessert creations, including traditional and our famous granola milkshakes, granola parfaits, granola sundaes, granola cheesecakes, granola mixes, poses and a variety of drinks. We also offer vegan, dairy and gluten free options. Cerealphoria is for kids and the kid in us all!

Join the Cerealphoria family!

Opening a restaurant is not an easy task, especially given the myriad business barriers that keep owners from staying in business. With franchising, you can bypass these obstacles by investing in a proven business model.

* Funding resources available.

That is why we are looking for motivated people who are enthusiastic about the brand and the desserts from cerealphoria to join our franchise family!

Cerealphoria is quick and fun

Our concept is about making granola fun and tasty! Whether you want to shake up your morning routine or quickly recharge your batteries between errands, Cerealphoria is the perfect choice for a delicious treat!

We all have cereal

Cerealphoria offers an extensive selection of over 25 different grains, from classic brands like Frosted Flakes to newer grains like Llama Loops. When you are at Cerealphoria there are practically unlimited combinations!

more milk than a dairy farm

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the milk they use to eat cereal. That’s why Cerealphoria offers 10 different types of milk! Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or just minding your calories, you can still enjoy your Cerealphoria treats!


Take advantage of the partnership with an industry innovator to develop multiple sources of income with our high-quality desserts!

Our Franchise Opportunity is designed to provide you with a streamlined setup, supported by our Franchise Support Team, and to help you ensure long-term success for your cerealphorie!

With an affordable upfront investment and low overhead, Cerealphoria franchisees are geared towards success. Also, because all of our menu items are aesthetically pleasing, franchisees can benefit from the additional marketing powered by social media users who share photos of Cerealphoria’s living goodies.

flexible investments

We have a variety of affordable and unique franchise options with different prices. Choose from a physical store, mall or airport kiosk, grocery trailer / truck, or a combination of three. Owning your own cereal phoria is within reach and easier than you think!

Franchise training

We bring our franchisees up to date through a comprehensive training program to ensure long-term success in operating your Cerealphoria franchise. Our multi-purpose training combines classroom training at our flagship location and hands-on training at your new franchise location.


optimized structure

Franchising a cereal phoria means that you are not alone in opening your business. Our franchise support team supports you in every phase of your franchise development to ensure long-term success and to take the first step after opening!

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