5 Innovative Products Created by Women Inventors

5 Innovative Products Created by Women Inventors

Inspiration for new ideas can come from problems in daily life, know some examples.

From a simple idea an innovative product can be born. That proves the business initiatives that have the support of the National Association of Inventors.

Association founded in 1992 by the marketing expert Carlos Mazzei and which provides services to inventors in the field of preparing patent documents, investor search, pricing analysis, and printing consultancy among others.

The association even coordinates a TV program and the Museum of Inventions, which help promote innovative ideas.

Here are some ideas, exclusively designed by women who identified practical solutions for dealing with everyday problems:

1. Belt to adjust posture. Marcia Alexandra Braz developed the “ergonomic belt”, responsible for correcting postural problems that compromise the spine of those who work long hours seated. The machine can be adjusted according to the height of each person and does not reduce mobility to perform simple tasks of daily life in any office.

2. Luminaire Blind. Conceived by designer Janaina Carneiro Ramos, the idea is that this unconventional product is decorative and can operate in a sustainable way. Equipped with photovoltaic cells, the blind blocks the entry of light during the day and illuminates the internal environment at night. Nicknamed “EcoBlackout”, the curtain can be covered with a material that acts as a kind of screen on which you can reproduce images.

3. Diet Plate. Created by Gisele Pereira Emerick, the “diet plate” is divided into three large areas of different sizes. Designed to balance the diet, it has indicators that must be completed with ¼ carbohydrates, ¼ protein and half the plate with plant-based foods. The idea is to encourage the user to eat healthily.

4. Maiokini. With a zipper placed at the bust level and another at the waist, this invention allows a woman to have on hand, not only a bathing suit, but also a bikini. The idea of ​​the inventor Maria Zilda was to combine the needs of those who practice so much water sports, but at the same time like to tan on sunny days.

5. Intimate toiletry bag. Designed for both men and women, the invention aims to transform underwear into small bags suitable for storing money and documents. The initiative of the entrepreneur Toshico Watari aims to reduce users’ concern about theft or theft when traveling to crowded places.

Original Article: By Fabriano Candido and Marina Salles of Small Businesses & Large Businesses

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