#IdeadeNegocios: Courses for Children

Of all the ideas available to undertake, there are two that are especially interesting because of their variety and because they are markets that can easily be captivated by the emotional ingredient they carry.

These are businesses related to ladies and children.

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Today I present a business option that you can put into practice to earn money in a very practical way, with few minimum resources, low investment and in a short time.

It is about implementing courses for children.

Advantages of Children’s Courses

  • They can be offered for short periods, say 1 or 2 months or intermediate 3 to 4 months depending on the kind of instruction to be offered.
  • You can charge a registration fee and a monthly payment.
  • You can include the sale of instruments, accessories or implements necessary for learning.
  • You have the possibility of organizing an extraordinary event for which parents will feel excited that their children participate of course at some additional cost.

Infant Courses to Teach

  • Swimming: You can sublet a pool at a club or resort near your area and offer swimming lessons for children. Of course, if you do not have enough experience, you should hire a professional to teach the courses.
  • Music classes: if you have the ability you can teach courses on instruments such as guitar, piano, drums or singing.
  • Martial Arts: You will need to hire an expert in martial arts to teach the courses and organize exams and championships. You will need a minimum gym infrastructure with mats that will depend on the number of students to attend.
  • Painting: you need to have a small classroom to teach the classes as well as paintings and suitable resources.
  • Dance and dance: similar to some previous ones, you need an area to teach the classes and some mirrors.
  • Others: English, computers, reading, cooking, crafts.
  • A little more specialized: Public speaking (for teenagers), Camps, Theater, etc.

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In general terms, to offer courses and workshops you need classrooms that you can quickly and easily set up in a room in your house. Instruments you can get at any thrift store. And most importantly, great creativity to organize and promote your courses.

Flyers in nearby colleges and schools is a technique that can be very useful to promote your new venture.

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