Start a Jantize America Master Franchise

Start a Jantize America Master Franchise

Franchise with Jantize.

Easy to get started and the rewards are great.

Jantize provides entrepreneurs with the strategy and resources to maximize business income. Jantize America is looking for candidates of executive background to reward large territorial regions.

Why the Master Franchise in the Commercial Cleaning Industry?

Jantize America has a proven Master Franchise-Area Developer concept that will enable professional sales and marketing executives to capitalize on the $ 128 billion commercial cleaning services industry through the franchise method.

The commercial cleaning industry is resistant to recession. The demand for commercial cleaning services has increased considerably from year to year. Franchised cleaning companies represent only 15% of the total market.

We have the proven system for area development / master franchise.
  • Residual income: Start earning quickly and easily with minimal investment.
  • Low cost start-up
  • Proven concept with minimal risk: Recession Resistant, Necessary & Required: Our business operates and will continue to operate across a range of scenarios and economies.
  • Earn more and more: Taking advantage of valuable royalties and other sources so you can always increase your income.

This system is one of the best franchise models in business today! It allows you to develop a large business in a short period of time with an extremely high success rate. Our Area Developer and Master Franchise opportunity is a multi-unit business development company that offers the opportunity to develop and grow our proven system in a defined geographic territory.

Supply and demand

Two words that anyone considering corporate ownership must understand. According to data compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing occupation listed for the next decade is professional cleaning. All commercial buildings, offices, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, industrial and medical facilities will require regular facility services.

  • Franchise Commissions
  • Financing of franchise agreements
  • Administer franchise notes
  • Monthly and current royalties
  • Marketing commissions
  • Supply and sale of equipment

Become the manager of your empire

We are assigning one Master Franchise-Area developer per city. This is a professional executive position from 8:00 to 17:00.

The Master in Franchise Area Developer will not clean, remove garbage, strip floors or handle building keys. You will be part of a multifaceted company that will generate revenue from many different sources based on a commercial cleaning franchise.

Area developers are responsible for selling and supporting small businesses in a given region. The main developer of the franchise area serves as the sales and support center for the regional franchise.

Territories start at $ 50,000. A working capital of $ 100,000 is required.

Ready to take the next steps?

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