Considerations for Starting a Gym and SPA

Considerations for Starting a Gym and SPA

The modern society’s need for relaxation and health activities makes this business a very lucrative proposition.

In the last year alone, it is estimated that businesses related to fitness, health and beauty activities have exceeded 1 billion Euros.

Here’s how to get started in this lucrative fitness business.


Starting a Gym

The main appeal of this business idea is that it just never goes out of style.

Today all hotels, clubs and even business centers have ideal facilities for exercise, relaxation, saunas, swimming pools, massages and other complementary services for which you will surely find a high demand practically anywhere in your city.

Although every day the clients that go to urban centers or SPAs are more varied, the majority group will be adolescents and young people.

The role of the business consists of providing services through an annual membership that may include aerobics classes, dance, special activities and the right to use the pool, sauna and gym.

The fundamental part consists of getting a place that you can adapt (according to the social level of the sector) where the priority is that your clients feel like kings.

You should consider a size of space between 100 and 300 m2 depending on the services you want to offer, remember that if you want to think about a pool, surely you should estimate a larger area with similarly more significant costs.

The gym area must be equipped with all the essential equipment for the development of this activity such as weights, spinning, aerobics, etc.

You should consider within your plan the promotion and publicity of the business, although always remember that a well-attended customer will be your best cover letter.

Among the main expenses to consider are:

  • rent of the premises,
  • electricity,
  • Water,
  • maintenance
  • and personal.

You must carefully plan the personnel you will hire so that you can supply the services without exceeding your monthly budget.

Consider: maintenance personnel, instructors, nutritionist, customer service, security (if necessary) and taxes, considering that service shifts can be long.

The minimum initial investment to set up a business of this kind ranges from around US $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 depending on the amount of equipment you purchase and the conditioning of your facilities.

However, remember that the investment will depend on the range and level of services you want to offer. A recommendation would be to start with some services and then expand to provide the others.

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