Start a redbox + franchise

Start a redbox + franchise

Check your fate with redbox +

The waste management industry is not known for great customer service.

redbox + is changing this. Our business team has over 60 years of combined industry experience and has seen an opportunity to revolutionize the market.

We have the tools and knowledge that have led to success for our franchise owners and an 85% customer retention rate. Everything goes back to the values ​​under which we operate.

Why choose redbox +

We are one of the nation’s leading waste management franchises.

We offer you the chance to work for yourself while being backed by the support of an established brand. We are a waste management franchise that has a flexible business model and a unique product that offers convenience and efficiency hard to find in the waste management industry.


With our one-of-a-kind product, patented in the USA, redbox + instantly sets you apart in your market.

We offer a proven process to help franchisees create this unique business-to-business company, and you can rest assured that your waste management franchise offers you a revolutionary product and committed support to build your dreams.

The redbox + Differences:

  • Customer focused: Our product is more than just a roll-off container and a portable toilet. we help contractors achieve greater profitability on construction sites by eliminating the need for employees to leave and find a bathroom.
  • Unmatched training and support: Our franchise team supports you in pre-launch and post-launch planning.
  • Our advantage in the industry: You operate in the $ 63 billion waste business with a one-of-a-kind U.S. patented product.
  • Let’s keep it simple: The redbox + business model is straightforward and simplifies operations management.
  • Competitive advantage: We are a market revolutionary who brings a high level of customer service to an industry that would otherwise be devoid of that element.

We are giving a new twist to an old business. Contractors highly appreciate the concept, quickly recognizing the efficiency it provides. We chose Redbox + because it is an innovative concept in an industry that will always be needed. —Andrea Kiessling | Owner, redbox +

redbox + Marketing support

Providing our dumpster rental affiliates with the tools to succeed

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a franchise owner of Redbox + is your access to our unrivaled marketing support system.

Because our success depends on your success, we give you the tools you need to find the success you deserve. We will help you develop b2b marketing strategies that will build brand awareness, educate potential customers about the features and benefits of our service, and establish repeat customers by building positive long-term relationships.

Our business and operational support

We support our franchise owners for waste management at every stage of the process

The redbox + business system is a defined implementation process that directly supports the efficient operation of your franchise. This process is captured through well-organized, highly detailed and comprehensive operational protocols documented in the redbox + franchise training manual.

Operating / system protocols

The core components of the redbox + business system are further defined and supported by a set of in-depth functions and processes. redbox + understands the importance of taking a systemic approach to building successful and profitable franchise stores.

  • Establish the corporate infrastructure: redbox + works closely with affiliates to obtain the necessary permits and licenses for the transport and disposal of septic c & d, entity creation and business licenses.
  • Process management: Manage Business Best Practices: Through our comprehensive training program, you will learn the daily standards and processes to manage your franchise profitably and efficiently.
  • Strategic marketing and brand development: redbox + provides proven b2b strategies that will build brand awareness, educate potential customers about the features and benefits of our service, and establish repeat customers by building positive long-term relationships.
  • Lead Generation and Sales: Consistent lead generation begins with building and maintaining the brand, priority one for a start-up franchise. Our proven brand development strategies along with our established sales processes will not only help you generate leads, but make the most of every sales opportunity you have.
  • Vendor / supplier and equipment management: Our supplier partnership program promotes the quality and integrity of the products and services provided by affiliates. We take care of all the leg work, including all aspects of the ordering process, on-time delivery of materials and quality control.

Are you ready to get started with our dumpster rental franchise?

Join our waste management franchise and benefit from six decades of industry knowledge.

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