Set up your Language School in Franchise

Set up your Language School in Franchise

With the economic development that several Latin American countries are experiencing due to the globalized world in which they live and because tourism has recovered again after September 11, 2001, the demand for language schools has increased.

Not only are there many who want to learn to speak English, but now there is a great interest in learning Mandarin Chinese, German and Japanese. Language school franchises they are some of the most successful and promising in this business model.

There are dozens of franchise options available from schools in multiple languages ​​(English, German, French, etc.), including the famous Berlitz. When you know a franchise well by name, it makes it known that it is an established brand, which certainly helps those who want to invest money in a promising business.

The cost of opening a language school varies widely, but there are some franchises that can be purchased for less than $ 20,000 including capital for installation and working capital.

Language schools (mainly English and French) are some of the companies that have more opportunities with the new middle class of all Latin American countries, so if you want open a profitable business you must investigate this sector.

The only problem with this type of franchise is that it requires a staff trained in the language and sometimes in small cities it is difficult to find it and when it is found its pay is high. There is also the problem of the premises that requires it to be large so that there are several classrooms with different levels and / or courses. For all this, an extra investment in premises, employees and promotion is required, which must be very persuasive and recurrent to reach the target audience.

Many of these franchises are oriented to teaching in companies and try to capture that market. In several countries there is already a very strong struggle to monopolize the corporate market, which makes it very competitive and perhaps not always so profitable.

There are now more modest franchise models, which are mobile or at home where you save on the payment of the premises and other fixed expenses involved in a business with fixed income. For this, you must be very well trained in the language that you are going to teach, since you will be the teacher yourself, which is a very convenient way to start.

Tips for putting together your business plan

  1. Research which languages ​​are most in demand in your city and focus on one or two at the most to get started. Then you can expand into other languages.
  2. Identify your target market. Who do you want to offer your services to? Make sure your school is located in a sector where your customer market is so that access is convenient.
  3. Do a market study to determine how much competition you have and what they are offering. These are some questions that your studio should answer.
  4. Describe your product or service. Give it shape, characteristics, scope, price.
  5. Create a sales plan. Don’t forget that selling is essential, so once you have shaped your project, then come up with a good sales plan to attract customers.

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