Business School: The Best Investment of Your Life

Business School: The Best Investment of Your Life

Over the past 15 years I have attended dozens of business events.

I have had such a thirst for learning that I have participated in seminars, workshops and courses of different kinds that together represent a true business school for me.

If I were to calculate how much money I have invested, I might be surprised, because it is surely a lot of money. But at the same time I wonder where I would be today, if I had not made that investment in myself.

One of the experiences that I remember most fondly was a few years ago when Ismael Cala was in my city, Guatemala.

I told my 15-year-old son: “son, put on your suit and a tie because today we are going to a very special event.” Without asking, he arranged it and that night we were there, together listening to great personalities talk about the importance of communication.

The event was organized by a humanitarian aid institution so there was, in addition to Cala’s presentation, also a musical group and the host none other than Marcos Witt.

I remember sitting there, full of pride sharing with my son one of the most momentous moments of his life. I was teaching him at an early age, the importance of investing in the most important asset you have: your mind.

And it is that regardless of our age, sex or economic situation, all human beings should invest in learning because it is the only way to grow and achieve our goals. This is a proven principle of personal development that has helped me tremendously in business and in my personal life.

And it is for that reason that today I want to make you a unique and very special invitation.

Be part of the Business School

This July 12, in Mexico City, one of the most important events for entrepreneurs in Latin America will be held. It will be an event like few others where, let me tell you, you will have the possibility to listen in a single day to more than 10 successful entrepreneurs that we will reveal to you the largest and most valuable business principles.

Best of all, it will not be just a theoretical event, but you will have the opportunity to share and interact with all these mentors so that you leave there with all the tools and resources necessary to obtain real results.

The Business School is organized by the Tu Primer Millón movement and aims to bring together about 1000 entrepreneurs who are interested in taking off their business, NOW!

Among many other things you will learn about:

  • Franchise Development
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Internet business
  • Investments in the stock market
  • Legal and tax strategies
  • How to increase your sales
  • How to get out of debt
  • How to take your MLM to the next level

So now you know. Make the best investment of your life today, invest in yourself. Invest in the best asset you have and you will soon see results.

Personally, I will have the pleasure of participating as a speaker in this magnificent event together with great friends, all of them successful entrepreneurs and of course I would love to be able to greet you and talk. Remember it, July 12 at the World Trande Center in Mexico City, DF.

Lots of people have already signed up and there are still some spots available so you should hurry up and reserve your spot by clicking this link: Business School Event.

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