You can be a successful entrepreneur

You can be a successful entrepreneur

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a entrepreneur @ successes @ And someone has told you to give up that silly idea.

That the business they are not for you or that the situation is too hard in “these times”. So welcome to the club.

You are not the only one and today I share some inspiring stories that I am sure that like me, will motivate you not to listen to the voices of those people who tell you that you cannot, but who surely have never tried.

  • Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in the garage of your house. Steve was an adopted son, and his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for college. Some of their products: iPod, iMac, iPhone and iPad. Also creator of the cartoon company Pixar.
  • $ 583 dollars was the capital With which William Hewlett y David Packard They started the company they founded in a rented garage. With this money they began to manufacture the first product of their company Hewlett Packard and its only furniture was a table and a filing cabinet (1938). In 1985 this garage was declared a historic building for the HP company.
  • Chad Hurley y Steve Chen, at a Valentine’s party they noticed that the person in charge of filming the videos complained about how complicated it was to upload and share his material on the web. They immediately thought of the millions of people who would be interested in watching their videos online. Weeks later they reunited in Hurley’s garage to bring the idea that in 2005 would become a billionaire business: Youtube.
  • Susan Wojcicki is the lady who rented her garage to the creators of google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin for $ 1,700 a month to help pay his mortgage. The story is curious because Susan became so empathic with the Google guys that she ended up being part of the company. Today she is Vice President of Advertising Management and is said to be the creator of Adsense.
  • Jerry Yang and David Filo, they were only 21 and 23 when they created Yahoo! in the mobile home where they resided to complete their university studies.
  • Mark Zuckerberg created facebook like a social tool for university students but its use became so popular and interesting that it was opened to anyone who had an email and its use expanded at great speed. At the end of 2007, Zuckerberg sold 1.6% of his company for $ 240 million.
  • Nokia was founded in 1865 by the Finnish Fredik Idestam. It was originally a paper-making wood pulp company. Later, Nokia Corporation evolved through the manufacture of tires for cars and bicycles, paper, shoes, computers and even televisions. Finally in 1987 the company entered the Mobile phone market, which at that time was just a seed of the millionaire business which is today.
  • Masaru Ibuka Y Akio Morita in 1945 they started a small radio repair shop on the floor of a building that had survived the bombings of the Second World War in Tokyo. A few years later, this society would become the successful company Sony we know today.
  • Nintendo: This billionaire leading company in the videogame market it had very curious beginnings. It was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi and for more than 50 years its only product was a board game called Hanafuda. In 1963, a grandson of the founders led the company and tried to expand his horizons by trying some businesses such as: a fleet of taxis, management of a hotel chain, a fast food service and even an attempt at his own television channel. All attempts failed and took the company to a very critical economic situation due to debts. In 1970 they decided to focus on a product line: video game consoles and by 1975 they began to produce the first video games that would transform the history of Nintendo Company. In 1983 the first 8-bit console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was born with its characters Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. The rest … is history.

As you can see, these stories are from people like you and me. Dreamers who did not let themselves be defeated. They did not see circumstances or lack of resources as an obstacle to achieving their big dreams. And they worked tirelessly to achieve it.

Of course, a great dream must be accompanied by a good business planbut if you do then you’ll be on your way to build the company of your dreams. Which story did you like the most?

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