5 Ways to get business ideas to start on the Internet

Today I am pleased to share with you an interesting post written by my friend Javier Diaz who is the editor of the Business and Entrepreneurship blog, enjoy it:

So what do you wish earn money on internetWell then, let me tell you that the web is full of profitable business opportunities within the reach of any entrepreneur.

But how do you find these business opportunities? The first thing you should do is get rid of the idea of ​​”effortless money”, this mentality will only lead you to fall into the deceptions of thousands of malicious people who are on the lookout for novice entrepreneurs, to take advantage of their illusions and paint them “the perfect business“.

Now I share 5 simple techniques to find one business idea to earn money online, They are NOT methods to find ways to earn money quickly and without investing, on the contrary, with them you can find ideas to create solid business, as long as you are willing to invest time, money and effort.

1. Rethink a business model
All you have to do is take a business model and ask yourself: How else can this be done? Or how else can you make money with this business?

Example: . is a file hosting service that has achieved position number 59 among the sites with the highest traffic in the world (according to Alexa Rank), thanks to its business model that differentiates it from other similar services. Most of Mediafire’s competition bases its deal in restricting its services to encourage the acquisition of premium accounts, but Mediafire ended those limitations and allows any user, without registering, to enjoy a great experience in storing and downloading files, achieving a large amount of traffic that has profited through advertising.

The key to success is not in what you do but in how you do it

2. Improve an existing business
There are many services and businesses they are not very good. Ask yourself: How can I do better?

Example: Facebook It is the second site with the highest traffic on the Internet, but it was not the first social network on the Internet, before it there were already services such as MySpace Y LinkedInOnly that Facebook improved the experience of its users and today it is the largest social network on the Internet.

“You don’t have to get there first … but you have to know how to get there”

3. From the traditional to the virtual
Take a service or product that is only offered in a traditional way and ask yourself: Can I offer this same service over the Internet?

Example: There are many business that have started in this way, among them we have ., one of the sites that managed to bring education to the net.

“Innovating is finding new or improved uses for the resources we already have” – Peter Drucker

4. Take business ideas that are only available for certain countries or languages
There are services that are only offered in certain countries or in certain languages. Try to ask yourself: Would this same service be profitable in my country or in my language?

Example: Before Free market already existed Ebay.com but their services were limited and did not reach Latin America, Marcos Galperin saw a great opportunity in it and created a similar service to cover this niche. Today Mercadolibre is the leading auction and ecommerce site in Latin America.

“Where life builds walls, intelligence opens a way out.” – Marcel Proust

5. Convert your hobby or area of ​​interest into your business
You want have a successful business And enjoy what to do every day? Well, take the topic that you are most passionate about or that you know the most about and ask yourself: Can I make a business out of this?

Example: There are innumerable sites that were born from the passion of their founders, who beyond looking for a way to earn money, have wanted to dedicate themselves to what they like, we can cite for example the giant of the network, Google, whose founders wanted to do something really useful and the last thing they thought was making wealth from their project, it was even a long time before Google it will start to generate income. Today its success is indisputable.

“Make your dreams a reality and your reality will become a dream”

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