12 Challenges Only a True Entrepreneur Understands

I remember a conversation with a businesswoman who once told me: “I don’t like the word entrepreneur.

I don’t like being called that because it seems that by doing so they detract from what we really do“.

And he was right, because when we talk about entrepreneurship it is said very easy but few people hardly manage to understand some of the challenges that only a true entrepreneur overcomes day by day. Maybe you identify with some:

1. Only an entrepreneur understands … What it feels like have a business idea and that few people believe in it. Tell it to your friends, family or even your girlfriend and they tell you what it is “crazy“It is something usual. A true entrepreneur develops the ability to turn a deaf ear to negative comments and knows that fighting for that idea, with all that it represents, will be worth it.

2. Only an entrepreneur understands … which means losing sleep at night imagining for hours the details of your future business. No one else will be able to understand that process “magical“and energizing to imagine and wake up in the morning full of enthusiasm and wanting to conquer the world.

3. Only an entrepreneur understands … that we are willing to risk it all for one chance. No one can perceive the adrenaline rushing through our veins when we decide to try it. Only someone who has a great dream of freedom can experience the madness of jumping “without parachute” to start a business.

4. Only an entrepreneur understands … which represents waiting months or years in silence waiting for that moment, that moment, that signal that makes you take the step of start your company. Only we understand that it is not an impulsive decision but something that has been longed for and waited for for a long time.

5. Only an entrepreneur understands … that going to work is a great school. An entrepreneur looks like an ordinary employee but is not. He is all the time observing, learning, taking ideas, developing skills and building this great entrepreneur within himself.

6. Only an entrepreneur understands … what it feels like to deprive yourself of many luxuries in exchange for saving every penny. No one else will be able to feel firsthand what it is like to live modestly to gather that valuable capital that will allow you to take the step of start your own business.

7. Only an entrepreneur understands … the fear of investing all that money saved in a project that nobody knows if it will really work. No person on this planet knows what it means to bet years of work in exchange for start a small business.

8. Only an entrepreneur understands … the emotion of opening the doors of your company. The joy of serving the first customer. The blessing of being able to serve other people through your company.

9. Only an entrepreneur understands … that much of what we do is not for money. It is for personal fulfillment, it is for freedom but above all, for the love of those little people that surround us and who trust that we can achieve it.

10. Only an entrepreneur understands … the anguish when things don’t go well. The fear of not knowing how to solve it and the greatness that one feels when overcoming a critical situation in the business.

11. Only an entrepreneur understands … that failure is just part of learning. That failure is not the end of the world. And if it still takes 100 tries, sooner or later success will come.

12. Only an entrepreneur understands … the inexplicable thrill of growing up, of achieving it, of being a winner.

For this and much more, the next time someone tells you that you are “just” an entrepreneur, go your way without turning around because sooner or later they will want to have the value that you have had. [twitéalo]

What other things can you think of that only a true entrepreneur understands?


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