The Amazing Michael Phelps Personalizes The Power of Belief

I have always admired the Olympic games for various reasons. The first because I consider it to be one of the most noble and inspiring events that exist on the planet.

Second because it fills me with energy to see how athletes continue to exceed and exceed the limits that only 4 years ago were considered feats “insurmountable“.

And third, because for those of us who do business it is tremendously motivating to know that you can always achieve what you set out to do as long as you believe it, prepare yourself and look for it with enough persistence.

imagen: flickr

And to show the great example of the Olympic medalist swimmer Michael Phelps who in these games has already surpassed the goal he set for himself: 8 gold medals and still going for more.

I love Phelps’ story because his winning spirit breaks many paradigms and makes me think of the hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs we dream of and long for build companies and that we face obstacles and voices from many who do not believe and who say: “it will hardly be possible.”

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Among the amazing things that are now known about Phelps’ lifestyle and that represent a radical change in the way we think and do things, I share the most surprising:

  • Train at least 6 hours a day
  • Swim a minimum of 11 km. diaries
  • Take a 3 hour nap
  • Consume 10,000 calories a day
  • His diet includes a lot of pizza and pasta

Also, as if that weren’t enough, when I got to the Olympics I declared that I was ready to win all 8 medals. Which was considered as boastfulness and boconidad by some supposed insiders (or rather losers?).

For those of us who believe and dream, this is called faith. The power to believe. The power to dream. The power to fight to achieve our dreams.


If you, like me, are one of those dreamers who go for greatness and the satisfaction of achieving your greatest desires. If you are one of those who are willing to work tirelessly to achieve it and you don’t care what the “experts” say then welcome to the winners’ podium.

“I only have time to eat, sleep and swim” – Michael Phelps