Earn money by creating thematic web directories

Earn money by creating thematic web directories

Imagine that tonight you want to take your girl to a romantic dinner and you want to choose the best possible place where you save a few pesos on the way: D

You access the Internet and look in a directory for the area of ​​restaurants in your city. Soon you will find an option that indicates that this anniversary day there will be an excellent piano evening for a super convenient price and you also have the right to a complimentary bottle of wine. Ready, you have found the best option thanks to the help of a thematic web directory.

People use the Internet more every day, in fact you are using it right now because you want to find new and better alternatives to make an extra income. We do it mainly because we want to make life easier, save the costs of going outside and because in the comfort of your home you can carefully find what you are looking for. So today I share with you some options to make money creating thematic directories on the Internet.

I should clarify that this kind of virtual businesses They require you to have at least the elementary knowledge to develop web pages, Internet operation, positioning techniques and Adsense.

The business basically consists of the elaboration of topic guides on the internet through which people can find service options in their area. In fact, the basic structure of the guides is not that complicated and once you develop the first one, the formats will be reusable for other similar ones by changing only the name and domain of the website.

The thematic guides should be prepared according to the most common or attractive services, such as:

  • Restaurant guide
  • Schools guide
  • Medical Services Guide
  • Cinema and entertainment guide
  • Guide to mechanical workshops
  • Events and concerts guide
  • Church guide
  • Job offers
  • Classifieds

In general, there are countless topics that could be considered interesting according to the demand that the service may have in the market. These are just a few business ideas of which you will surely find many more.

How do you earn the money?
The business idea, like everything internet business It consists of creating a page and generating traffic. This takes some time and effort at first, but once it starts to work, the rest of the work is much easier.

  1. First, you will offer registration in the guide to all businesses related to the subject. For example, if we talk about restaurants, you should call or visit them to invite them to belong to your thematic directory. This is completely free for them and for you the job consists of taking the data and adding a couple of photos that they can send you by mail. Of course, if you are interested in a larger presentation, this has some additional cost.
  2. Second. You must promote the service guide by different means, both online and offline, so that people begin to know and visit them. This is the traffic that represents the primary value of your business.
  3. Third. You must use adsense as an advertising method initial to generate the income. Adsense is a system that generates profits per click to the extent of the traffic that is generated.
  4. Bedroom. Once you thematic directory be more popular and have better traffic, you can start selling your own advertising options increasing your profits even more.

Between the important advantages of this business They are: that your raw material is your computer, the Internet and your knowledge, that you can build it at home part-time, it operates entirely online and the investment is minimal.

Of course, as I have mentioned on other occasions, the secret of this kind of virtual businesses is patience. Without it, web business they would not be successful. Building the right traffic takes time, but once you have it, the money will start pouring in.

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