7 Good Ideas to Start a Business in 2020 – Part I

The new year is around the corner and with it comes the desire to start an entrepreneurial project.

For many it is a new opportunity to relive the dream of being independent and for others it may be the continuation of an adventure that began some time ago.

Whatever the reasons you would like to start a business, you must remember that to lead it to success you need to combine several elements, including:

  • A good idea
  • Capital raising
  • A good execution of the idea
  • A proper market study
  • A sales strategy
  • An excellent business operation
  • Good financial management
  • Legal assistance
  • Accounting assistance

In this post I will address the first element that is essential to give life to a project and has to do with having good business ideas Well, it is not possible to build a company if you do not have the raw material that essentially has to do with a potential idea to do it.

I always like to say that ideas are built. That means a good deal of work is required to shape, validate and transform them into a profitable business. Which is not easy because if it were, everyone would have a successful company.

Just remember that great entrepreneurs reinvent their business models all the time. And you will not be the exception because times are changing and therefore markets too.

The good news is that if you follow all the tips for good execution, you will surely obtain the desired results and the satisfaction of leading an entrepreneurial project that grows and becomes a business with great potential.

That is why after this preamble I proceed to share with you the first part of this special of new ideas.

7 Ideas to undertake in 2020

1. Athleisure

Let’s start with the weird words that set business trends for 2020: Athleisure

This is one of the most modern fashion trends in the new era, because until recently, comfortable and light clothing was only for going to the gym.

However Athleisure consists of the combination of fashion and comfortable garments at the same time; Specifically, the clothes in this line are: closed low shoes, sweatshirts, pants, hooded sweaters, low-heeled ankle boots, hats, leggings, bomber-style jackets, dresses, skirts and any other piece of clothing that is extremely comfortable For the day to day.

Recent reports from google trends mark a strong growth of this emerging fashion for the coming months and many fashion analysts associate it with a trend that pushes the increase of self-esteem and confidence in today’s women, and that allows them to feel comfortable on all occasions.

If clothing is your thing, you can venture into this interesting business concept through the different ways to exploit a clothing business like the ones we describe in this post.

2. Business Planning

Not all entrepreneurs have the ability to come up with a properly written business plan that can be helpful in persuading investors, banks, and other financial institutions to grant them a loan.

So through this venture you can offer all the previous related services that an entrepreneur requires for this purpose, such as conducting a market study, analyzing trends, providing advice on business management, validation of the idea, etc.

This is a concept still unexplored by many entrepreneurs and that you can even work without leaving home.

3. Cleaning Outsorcing

Another very attractive and profitable business idea that we have discussed above is starting a cleaning service business.

The basic concept of the idea is based on outsourcing the cleaning service, which is usually a topic that companies often prefer to entrust to someone else in order to focus on their main business role. So delegating it to specialists who take over becomes an extremely convenient business.

Who could be your clients? Well, very simple: offices, restaurants, banks, bars, sports arenas, etc. The possibilities are endless and the secret of this business is based on professionalism and neatness to provide the service in such a way that it is transparent for the contractor.

A great advantage is that at the beginning it does not require an office or the structure of a formal company and the costs can be minimal.

4. Content Creators for Social Networks

Today everyone wants to be on social networks and it is not for less because digital marketing has extraordinary scope for those who know how to take advantage of the benefits of these channels very well.
However, to achieve this it is necessary to have quality content because without it it is very difficult to achieve the attention of potential customers.

Now, generating quality content requires a lot of ingenuity, creativity, brand knowledge, common sense and above all time for design. Something that not everyone is willing to do.

Hence, if the aforementioned skills are your strength, then you can dedicate yourself to one of the professions of the future and be a content creator. Something for which more organizations will be willing to pay better every day.

5. Moving services

That’s right, many companies and families have to move and relocate and whenever they do, they need to hire someone to transport heavy loads in the most responsible way.

To start, you can rent a truck by the hour and plan short transfer routes. This is a task that does not require too many resources beyond good logistics, labor and that can also be worked at the beginning without the requirement of a formal office structure and employees.

6. Removal of graffiti

One of the most interesting ideas I’ve heard recently. Many owners of premises, offices or even government agencies are constantly struggling when it comes to removing writing, printing or markers on different surfaces.

You can consider this idea and implement it after you have done extensive market research.

It is good to note that the best way to do this job is by offering a monthly subscription service so that you will tour your facility once a month or at any time interval and remove all graffiti from the walls and walls.

7. Dog Walk

If you are one of those passionate about pets and especially dogs, this will be an attractive idea to implement.

Many people love their dogs but it often happens that they are too busy and cannot make the time every day to take them out for a walk. Hence, you can sell them the service of helping them professionally to walk their dogs.

This business can allow you to take advantage of your available time slots and to promote yourself you can do it via social networks and let word of mouth advertising generate potential customers. If you want to go further you can even create a company of dog walkers.

Remember, the secret of the success of this endeavor has to do with responsibility, punctuality, sympathy for dogs and attention to detail.

👉 Very soon the second part of this installment of good business ideas to start in 2020.