Do you sell automobiles? These Are The Tips That Will Make You Sell More

One of the things that I am most passionate about is sales.

I like to sell and teach people to develop techniques to sell better and obtain greater results.

In fact, only those who understand the importance of sales can develop a consistent strategy to be more effective in sales and grow their businesses.

Today I will speak about car sales. This is a highly competitive industry where every day a strategic and aggressive attitude is more demanding to stay with the client.

So if you are a car salesman or you have your own car sales area, surely you will be interested in learning how to improve your strategies to increase your income and for this I will give you advice on three important aspects:

  • Understand the car sale
  • Understand the buyer profile
  • 2 Keys to sell more cars

Understanding Car Sales

The first thing you should understand about this profession is that unlike other more “simple” products car sales is particularly special because customers are almost always quite knowledgeable and expect their sales advisor be an ally who understands the importance of getting a good car.

This means that you will have to be very skilled and prepare very well to know your product perfectly. This is a kind of Consultative sale where it is essential to demonstrate a high knowledge of the characteristics of your product and where doubts or insecurities are barely accepted.

So rule No. 1: You must prepare yourself technically to provide with certainty all the information about the car you sell.

Understanding the Buyer Profile

In the car sale there are basically two profiles:

  • Individual car buyers
  • Commercial Fleet Car Buyers

In all cases, it is important to understand very well the motivations of buyers in order to offer solutions tailored to their needs.

In this sense, it is essential to understand that a car is much more than an engine and four tires.

What does a car represent for a man?
In general terms, men buy a car because it is synonymous with success. Our car is probably one of those medals that we give ourselves as a reward for a job well done and achievements over many years.

Understanding this will allow you to use phrases like: “This is a car for successful people”, “You deserve this car as a reward for your years of hard work”, or “This is the car that most business people choose” .

What does a car represent for a woman?
In the case of the ladies, a car has a totally different connotation.

For them, a car is more associated with a means of transport. In fact, they don’t care much about brake technology or whether the computer controls the vehicle’s stability.

For many of them, what is important is safety, color and aesthetics (yes!). Especially those who are mothers are interested in safety for themselves and their children. Understanding this will allow you to handle other sales arguments totally different.

What does a car represent for an entrepreneur?
For those who buy a car for business it is another story. Entrepreneurs buy vehicles for work, for transportation and for commerce.

They are interested in the economy, performance, financing plans, low interest rates, collateral, the backing of your business, and all of these things.

They see this car as a money machine and that’s what they want to hear. They want to know that this is the car that will earn them money, the one that will be more profitable.

Color or technology matters little unless it means real savings.

Two Keys To Sell More Cars

1. One of the principles of selling that has worked the most for me is making the customer fall in love with the product, long before talking about numbers.

Never start with the quote unless it is something the customer demands. Make sure the customer knows the vehicle, drives it, breathes in the smell of new, and touches the leather seats.

If you are passionate about speed and sports cars, you must hear and feel the power of the engine.

If she’s a lady, show her the safety and reliability features.

If you talk to an entrepreneur, make a list of all the savings and durability characteristics that make this car an excellent choice to make your business profitable.

Do not forget to mention the low fuel consumption and the extra benefits that you can offer by purchasing more than one.

2. The other principle is learning to ask the right questions.

The best salespeople know how to listen when the customer responds. Knowing how to read between the lines and discovering the primary needs of customers is essential for success in sales.

Why does this person want to buy a car? You must ask yourself.

And if you can discover that, then you can transform your four-wheeler product into the perfect solution. And when you do, there will be nothing to stop that customer from buying from you.

I am sure that these simple but powerful principles will make any person and business an excellent car salesman.

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