Business Idea: Teach English at a Distance by Videoconference

Business Idea: Teach English at a Distance by Videoconference

At present, online English courses are very fashionable, some of them with thousands of dollars in advertising that promote the efficiency of their method based on the success stories narrated by their own students.

Online education is becoming very popular lately due to the benefits it brings and the facilities it provides to those who take such courses as opposed to traditional education.

If we know the English language perfectly or at an advanced level we can start and enter a new business providing English classes via videoconferenceThis way we can reach not only local clients but also anyone else who is in a Spanish-speaking country and who is interested in learning.

How to Start the Business

To begin with, it is necessary to have a certification that we have knowledge of the English language, if this certification has been provided by a prestigious institution, it will be much better thanks to the support that we receive from being graduated from it. In addition, having a certification will reinforce the seriousness and trust before our clients who will see that their money is being well invested.

Promotion and Marketing

Like any other business that is mounted online We will need a showcase to advertise ourselves, this can be a web page or a social network, specifically Facebook. Creating a page on Facebook has no cost and our initial marketing campaign can be aimed at our friends and their friends, trying to find clients thanks to recommendations from people who know us and know our command of English.

Making cost balances our investment will be practically $ 0 dollars, since we will take advantage of the free tools that the internet offers us to start working. If we want to invest in an advertising campaign we can choose to invest a little money in targeted advertising through Facebook Ads, in such a way that we can reach potential clients but we will leave this for later after our business has been established and we have certain number of satisfied clients with our services who can at the same time give their testimony of conformity.

How to Teach the Classes?

The classes will be offered by videoconference over the internet, videoconferences allow the contact that is needed to learn the English language; at the same time we can reinforce this with some written material prepared by ourselves and based on what was taught to us.

Using the methodology with which we were instructed can be very useful to apply it to our students, if it had an effect on us because with much more reason it will have it on them.

The software necessary for video conferences will be free, we can have Skype installed or use Google Hangouts, as we see here we will not have to invest any dollar in implementation.

The interesting thing about this type of business is that they can be adjusted to different schedules and allow us to develop other activities during the day, perhaps it can work as a business that generates complementary income those we already have but whatever the purpose, it will not encompass all of our time.

Managing fixed schedules in which our students can join will benefit both, we can even generate online group classes of groups of four to five people in which they practice together to improve learning.

Online teaching is not a novelty, it exists in all parts of the world and it has allowed in a certain way to save time to learn, it is no longer necessary to go to an institution to study and learn, we just have to turn on our computer and start our classes.

Other recommendations

We leave you some recommendations for successfully implement your business:

  • Always make things clear to our students, an official certification will not be achieved but thanks to our classes they will be able to improve, start or deepen their knowledge of the English language.
  • Set the schedules in such a way that they can be accessible to the majority of our students, try to make them adapt to our tasks without harming any work that we are doing.
  • Try not to overload ourselves with clients, the idea is that our service is efficient so that we are recommended and not, on the contrary, crowded with clients who will not learn correctly.
  • Regarding the means of payment, I suggest you read about Paypal.
  • The implementation of the service will basically require our knowledge of English, however it is advisable to give it a professional touch by always carrying a curricular plan so that our students know what they are going to be taught in the course. You don’t need to spend a single dollar on it.

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