5 Ideas for Business as a Freelancer on the Internet

If your passion is work from home as a freelancer mainly using your computer, then these ideas are perfect for you.

Sell ​​Your e-books
If you like to write and have the skills to do so, then get to work. Nowadays, making an electronic book is something very simple that only requires a few hours of intellectual work that you can do at a very low cost and promote it on the Internet through affiliate systems.

The investment is minimal and if you do a good marketing job you can obtain excellent financial results from your computer.

Regularly a good electronic book sells between $ 30 and $ 75 dollars on average depending on its content, although if you are starting in this business you can work with the minimum that discounting the commissions of the system would leave you an average of about $ 15 to $ 20 net profit per book . Can you imagine selling about 20 books a month? Here you can read more about the affiliate market to promote your books.

Article Writer
Another form of income ideal for freelance writers is writing articles for blogs. You don’t need to be the creator of a blog or manage it or anything like that. You simply take advantage of your writing talent to write different topics and you can sell them in packs on blogger networks (see end of post). Usually an average of $ 1 to $ 2 is paid for every 100 words of writing depending on the quality of the writing. They will pay you better to the extent that you offer seriousness, punctuality in deliveries, excellent spelling and very good writing taste.

Online Graphic Designer
If your talent is graphic design and you have the tools on your laptop to make very creative designs, then I suggest you exploit those skills as a freelancer to do them. Usually graphic design is very expensive and competitive, but there are systems that allow you to participate in auctions by making low-cost proposals because you don’t need to go out on the street or have high costs in offices, employees and promotion. At the end of the post I share a place where you find many requirements for banner designs, logos, templates, websites, etc. You can choose the ones that suit your experience and make your proposals.

If your knowledge is of programming in the different systems and languages ​​of the Internet, then you can also now promote your services online to meet the requirements of different software modules, corrections and design improvements. The system works the same way, you enter the business sectionYou look for the proposals that may interest you according to your experience and you make your counter proposal for the price and delivery times for the work.

Analysts in Positioning and SEO

If you are an expert in social media, website positioning and everything related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you can also work online from your computer offering your analysis services, reviews and optimization advice for all kinds of owners of blogs and websites. This is a profession that every day has more demand and little supply because, as you can imagine, everyone wants their web pages to be well positioned and what better than someone who can offer them the analysis service for a few dollars.

Where to start?
Well, today I want to suggest that you get to know one of the most prestigious forums that I frequent and that thanks to my friend Jorge Morales, the editor of ., I was able to find out what . is.

ForoBeta is an extraordinary forum for bloggers that is totally free and has a business section which you can access after complying with a number of participation messages and a certain time of being registered in the forum (this to guarantee your seriousness as a negotiator).

Once you access the business section you can find a large number of requirements for ideal jobs for freelancers like those mentioned above: copywriters, programmers, designers, etc. As I already mentioned, you just have to look for which applications fit what you can offer and start making your job proposals.

It is important to mention that you must have a mechanism to make and receive payments and among the most used is PayPal, which as a means of payment is one of the most reliable. In addition, you should also know that in each transaction you must qualify your buyer and you will also be qualified as a seller of services in such a way that you will make a record of reliability and credibility so that they hire you even more and that your services are priced better.

So Forobeta is a place where you can earn very good money but that also demands seriousness and formality in your work. Sign in today and start putting these excellent ideas for business as a freelancer on the Internet.

Access . right now.

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