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Welcome to Bloomin ‘Blinds, where our franchisees are more than just account numbers to us!

We’ll help you get profitable quickly and enjoy every day!

Bloomin ‘Blinds is the only national company that has embraced the idea that repairing and installing new blinds makes sense. Customers love that they have options, we collect customers faster than other blind companies and our marketing is much cheaper as nobody fights online for the blind repair keywords.

Do not worry. It’s pretty easy to fix a blind and get you other new business without spending a lot of marketing dollars!

Bloomin ‘blinds can offer more for the money and our customers continuously vote for us in their purchase decisions! You profit quickly and there is a rapid spike in profitability when you follow the Bloomin ‘Blinds franchise system!

Bloomin ‘Blinds is a home based company providing mobile sales and onsite service.

Bloomin ‘blind owners are not just a “one-trick pony” dependent on a new sale to keep the business going. There are several sources of income.

We added the service element to our revenue streams so that we can jump into any market and gain market share quickly.

All Bloomin ‘Blinds franchise locations sell, install, and repair. Many franchisees add additional revenue streams including blind cleaning, window cleaning, sun protection, exterior / patio protection, etc.

  • Home work
  • Low initial investment
  • Profitable quickly
  • Virtually no inventory
  • Can stay small or scale very large
  • Perfect for an owner / operator scenario

Bloomin ‘Blinds is unique among the competition in that we offer blind repairs and sales.

The focus on blind repairs makes it easier for Bloomin ‘Blinds to attract new customers, win bids and set up repeat appointments.

Blind repairing is easy to learn, and most blinds are very general in nature, which makes this part of the business easy for you to master. Profit margins are extremely high and ensure consistent cash flow for your business.

Bloomin ‘Blinds sells blinds, shutters and more. It’s about 80% of our sales. We have found that customers are drawn to a company that can provide sales and service. Most buyers would prefer an “all-in-one” business to a new and different service company.

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    Bloomin' Blinds Franchise Concept Technology
  • Intensive, hands-on training for two weeks in Dallas, TX with company founders.
  • Unlimited aftercare, support and training once after the two-week training session.
  • Learning the management system filled with training materials. .
  • A growing library of support and training videos for you.
  • A detailed marketing plan and vendors are already in place – nothing for you to find out.
  • Localized website for your region.
  • Localized and national SEO programs.
  • We have selected our demographic data. We know exactly who our customers are, where they are looking and how they are looking for our industry.
  • No cold call or door knock, the phone rings immediately. The average first customer call comes within 24 hours of turning on marketing.
  • This is where we shine the most! If you need help, call the company’s founders, not an in-house or generic call center.
  • Almost 24/7 phone, email, chat and video conferencing support.
  • Ongoing marketing creation, product research and training.
  • Supplier Negotiations – We use our volume for discounts, perks, travel, cash discounts, etc. for you.
  • Marketing consulting – Let us support you with your marketing beyond the digital. There are just too many ways to waste advertising money and we want to help you avoid the pitfalls. We’ve tried everything and want to make sure you get the best ROI on the money you spend.
  • Mentor Model – We really want to be part of your business and we are looking for franchisees who will appreciate having a mentor guide them in their business
  • Business in a box –Before we built the franchise, we were a blind company with 2.8 million a year. We did everything, saw everything, hired them all and scaled a window covering company to meaning. A good franchise business has an answer for almost anything you can dream of. Since we went this route personally, we can guide you with honest insights and first-hand knowledge.

We are always happy to expand our family!

What makes us worth a closer look

  • THE BASICS: Low investment, at home, no inventory, high profit margins, not a ton of employees, efficient marketing without cold calling, every day is different, short-term projects provide immediate satisfaction.
  • We’re not the only ones who think we’re pretty cool: 160th place in the Entrepreneur 500 list 2020, multiple “fastest growing” awards in the last 4 years, top 50 in the survey on franchisee satisfaction, several top 100 and top 200 franchise lists.
  • Recession Resistant Business: Repairs are ULTRA high margins and in a time of recession, the repairs will keep you going and help you maintain profitability. We like repairs when the economy is good, we thank God for repairs when the economy is not so good! Repairs keep you going when the market stops buying new products. While your competition is struggling to find customers, you will attract more new customers and, along with your “high” profit margins, will cross from repairs. After a recession there will be fewer competitors and when the money comes back we will take off in a flash. This business has survived the 9/11 recession and the housing bubble. Every time repairs saved us, our sales-only friends went out of business and we tripled within a few years of the recession. Nothing is recession-proof, but we have a really comforting way to deal with the next one when it comes up!
  • Large areas offer a real opportunity for significant growth: We have an average of 350,000 inhabitants. We’d rather have a few owners making really good money than thousands of owners struggling because they don’t have enough customers.
  • We are really cool people and we will be there for you!

As the Bloomin ‘Blinds franchise owner, you have the personal freedom to live life the way you want.

Please request information today to learn more about our exciting opportunity.

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