Start a Property Management Inc. Franchise

Start a Property Management Inc. Franchise

Why a Property Management Franchise?

Regardless of whether the real estate market is booming or crashing, more than 1/3 of the country’s population (that’s more than 100 million people) are renters. And many of the owners of these properties are in need of knowledgeable and professional property management services.


Are you interested in a business that can generate consistent, recurring residual income year after year from assets that other people own? WE ARE!

What is Property Management, Inc.?

If you think of a national sandwich shop, it is the subway. Plumber, it’s roto-rooter; Change the oil, it’s Jiffy Lube; Property Management; it is ????

It is hard to believe that so many people do not know that there is a national brand for such an important industry! NOW YOU DO. PMI has Over 200 franchises in over 40 statesand we use our national footprint to help people like you “do business for yourself but not yourself”.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top 100 Fastest Growing Franchises
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top Franchise 500
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top 100 Low Cost Franchises
  • USA today – Top 50 minority franchises

Why is PMI’s business model better than any other?

SIMPLE ANSWER: Living, clubs, vacation homes and businesses.

Most property managers lack resources / skills / technology / support and systems so they neglect large parts of these markets.

Unlike virtually every other real estate service company in the US, the PMI franchise network builds businesses based on residual, recurring income from across the real estate industry (e.g. residential, commercial, club, vacation rental).

We teach you to grow

We offer you one VERY BIG OPPORTUNITY.

A real estate manager is an asset manager. With our franchise, we help you accumulate assets and monetize those relationships using our industry-leading 50+ recurring revenue streams.

Whether you are a real estate professional or just getting started in the industry, we have what you need:

  • education (On-site videos, instructional videos, weekly webinars, industry guides, PMI university, etc.)
  • support (Project coordinators, hotline, accounting, negotiations, social media, digital marketing, other franchisees, etc.)
  • resources (Acquisitions, marketing materials, contracts, national suppliers, funding sources, etc.)
  • Systems (free software solutions, social media, digital marketing, proprietary programs, etc.)

*** Parties interested in a PMI franchise must have at least $ 50,000 of liquid capital to invest.

Take the next steps with PMI …
Please request information today to get started and learn more about participating in PMI!

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