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Love what you do

Our mission is to help every child understand and master math because they will change their world. Since 2002, we’ve grown to over 1,000 locations in churches around the world with a Mathnasium Learning Center in Los Angeles. Every day we work to change the lives of our students.

Unparalleled demand

Students need strong math, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to be successful in school, in the workforce, and in daily life. Yet two-thirds of US 50 million elementary and secondary school students score fewer than “proficient” in math.1

Conclusion: The market for our service is booming. In fact, the global one-to-one teaching market is projected to be more than $ 100 billion this year.2

1 NAEP (National Assessment of Education Procurement)
2 global industry analysts

Makes the right instruction all the difference

The Mathnasium provides students with the solid math foundation on which they will build forever. We’re going through this the Mathnasium Method ™, a highly personalized approach with a proven curriculum that has decades of experience.

We offer the best experience in math education using proven teaching techniques. Thousands of testimonials from parents and children illustrate the difference we make in their lives and in our communities.

Training: We’ll teach you the business

Everyone brings their own strengths to the Mathnasium. The backgrounds of our franchisees are very diverse – from engineers and accountants to educators and entrepreneurs. We’ll teach you what you don’t know.

The first franchise training is comprehensive.

The training includes a combination of online courses, classroom instruction, and hands-on experience in an operational Mathnasium learning center as part of our training program.

You will learn how you can build your business with our tool suite. We cover marketing, lead generation, training, customer relationship management and above all we teach you the Mathnasium-Method ™.

Support: We are there for you.

During the entire term of your franchise agreement, support is available whenever you need it.

From start-up specialists (SUS) and field business consultants (FBC) to regional training courses and annual congresses, you have everything you need to run and grow your company. Our central support team is just an email away and you can share best practices and get advice from our amazing franchise owner community.


Are you ready to join the Mathnasium family?

  • Dedicated to improving math teaching and building student confidence
  • Ready for a full-time, rewarding career
  • Eager to join a growing billion dollar industry
  • I am looking for relatively low investment and start-up costs
  • Striving to make a significant difference in their local community

Mathnasium is growing rapidly in neighborhoods around the world.

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