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# 1 opportunity in AMERICA

Lightning Force is the new face of energy.

Vending is the largest North American based company, valued at over $ 5 billion annually. When properly managed, a retail business can be a stable, lucrative, and highly passive source of income.

While a sales transaction is a very straightforward process, all sales processes must meet three basic requirements in order to be successful.

  • Product: It has to offer a product in demand that people actually buy and keep buying repeatedly.
  • Machine: A reliable, low maintenance, high capacity vending machine must be used.
  • Place: There needs to be a solid strategy for placing the machines in high quality, high traffic locations in order to maximize daily profits.

Why should you choose Lightning Energy Energy Vending?

  • Premium profit margins.
  • No competition.
  • No franchise fees or license fees.
  • Home based (NO Overhead).
  • Protected route locations contain (NO Sale).

Light power chews energy

Are a modern alternative to expensive, high-sugar energy drinks and other expensive energy products.

With 100 mg of caffeine each, Lightning Force Energy Chews are a practical, portable, and inexpensive praline that contains the same amount of energy as a strong cup of coffee.

Lighting Force Energy Chews are made from health-promoting ingredients that provide a pleasant boost of energy without causing an energy crash or negative side effects. They are nutritious, practical, quick to act, and great taste.

  • Proprietary formula of caffeine and B vitamins.
  • Incomparable in taste!
  • 100 mg of caffeine in each piece.
  • Make the highest profit margin ever on edible vending machines!

Previously only available in select specialty stores and websites, Lighting Force Energy Chews can now be distributed via vending machines. They deliver energy wherever it’s needed, including gyms, libraries, and workplaces.


Lightning Force vendors aren’t just vending machines, they’re in-store displays for advertising and future sales of Lightning Force Energy Chews.

These profit centers are specifically designed to convert impulse sales and energy customers into long-term Lightning Force customers.

The Lightning Force Vendor is available both as a digital card reader and as a classic coin mechanism and is a solid, gravity-operated machine that requires neither electricity nor money changers or lightning.

Each Lightning Force provider has 136 Lightning Force Energy Chews. The maintenance and filling of the machine is easy and requires an average time of only 10 minutes per machine per month.

A route with 40 machines can be serviced in just one day per month, so a single sales owner can build and maintain a large route part-time. This is a crucial element in creating passive income!

Support & training

  • Dedicated owner support line
  • Product reordering
  • Machine / maintenance problems
  • Owner advice (not advice) & growth advice

A superior vending machine deserves a superior location. Lightning Force works with the best tracking equipment in the industry to ensure our owners’ machines are placed in the absolute best locations in the area.

All Lightning Force locations are backed by our industry-leading 90-day performance guarantee.

If after 90 days you are not satisfied with any of your locations, they will be replaced. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Our ideal candidate

  • Available at least 4 days per month for the service route.
  • Customer service (preferred).
  • Ability to follow the process.
  • Team player.
  • Reliable transportation.

These energy supplements are an important part of my regular routine and give me the energy I need to get through the day. Dave C. | Health expert

Ready to learn more about joining America’s # 1 vending machine?

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