Start a Lapel Dry Cleaning Franchise

Lapel dry cleaning shops are unmatched.

We have spent nearly two decades defining “The future of dry cleaning”

Lapels Dry Cleaning was founded in 2000 as the first eco-friendly dry cleaning franchise and we are still the market leader today.

Entrepreneur magazine recently named us the # 1 dry cleaning franchise opportunity. We are in a sector where it is not a fashion like other activities and it is the closest to recession resistance any industry can offer.

Why dry cleaning?

Today there are more dual career families than ever before and as a result there is a greater need for professional dry cleaning services.

With less time and more disposable income, working men and women pay more for garment care to preserve their wardrobes and make them look their best.

Why dry cleaning lapels?

  • Our business model is truly ecological and sustainable from the equipment and solvents we use to the paint on the walls!
  • The unique Enviro Care cleaning system offers the most technologically advanced cleaning methods in the environment and utility industry.
  • Like other business models, we have zero inventory and have the lowest cost of goods of any small business, 5%!
  • Customers immediately notice a difference once they walk into one of our locations with our modern storefront look.
  • Workflow management system to control your work.
  • Franchise owners have multiple revenue streams beyond dry cleaning and laundry through ancillary services such as: W / D / F, home and office delivery, tailoring and modification, leather and suede cleaning, shoe repair, articles for the home and for the home.
  • The Hub & Spokes business model offers our owners complete flexibility in building a network of stores and routes that can be served by a single manufacturing facility.
  • This scalable business model allows you to build a great brand and allows you to serve more communities.
  • Be part of the fabric of your communities. Community service initiatives are an important part of what we do to give back to the communities we serve.
  • Recently announced as the largest tissue donor to the Big Brother Big Sister Program.
  • The best cooperative digital marketing marketing programs used to increase revenue and ensure loyal and enthusiastic customers.
  • Shop image and design.
  • Mobile application.
  • 24/7 Locker System with mobile access.
  • App-based residential and corporate pickup and delivery service.
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • In-store customer loyalty programs.
  • Consistent customer experience.
  • Lapels® branded marketing materials and supplies.
  • Tested and proven marketing programs.
  • Co-op Marketing Program Partnership with iHeartMedia.

3 ways to get on with the flaps

  1. Build your Lapels position from scratch as a new business.
  2. Change the brand of an existing dry cleaner, for example a “Mom & Pop” venue.
  3. Conversion of an existing dry cleaner.

Lapels® Franchising has built a track record of helping our franchisees grow their businesses. We help you get started and provide ongoing support no matter where you are or the challenges you face.

Strategically grow your business

One of the biggest benefits of the dry cleaning industry is how scalable the business can be.

Start by building your centralized green plant with a retail store.

This facility will allow you to build another five satellite stores for a fraction of the initial cost that can be strategically placed within your territory and served from your facility.

The footprints of satellite stores can be very flexible, giving us the ability to place them in virtually any location from 600 square feet to 1,200 square feet. We now have satellite stores in our program that make over $ 1,000 per square foot of sales.

With a Lapels® franchise you are in business for yourself but not alone.

Our business team will be there to work with you to ensure your success. Plus, you’ll work with other affiliates to compare operational procedures and new strategies along the way.

Lapels® Dry Cleaning not only paved the way for an innovative dry cleaning shop concept, but took it a step further with the establishment of quality control measures that define trends.

Your eco-friendly investment opportunity awaits you with lapel dry cleaning!

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    Lapels Dry Cleaning Franchise
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