Money is on the Internet for Everyone (I)

I had been planning to write this post for a long time but I was waiting for the perfect moment to do it. And I think this can be a great moment because Internet business is truly exciting and every day I discover new things to share.

I’ve written before about business on the net but today more than ever I hope this article can create enough motivation and credibility that each of you can begin to seriously consider the possibility of improve your income through an Internet business.

Over the course of many months I have been gathering a variety of information that I believe will be very useful so that you can start thinking big and especially that you can find the “how to do it”, which is finally what we all want.

Start on the InternetIt can be as simple or as planned as you want. Of course, the more you learn and understand how it works and what is the true secret of Internet business, then the better your chances of success.

This post will be divided into two parts. In the first, I will talk about several very interesting examples of successful phenomena that are occurring, which are true, of how more people are becoming millionaires through the network. And in the second part I will share some of the different models and methods that many of them share with us (I am already using some myself) and that you can begin to explore.

I am sure that some of these stories will leave you as amazed as me but more than that, I hope they awaken in you a great desire to achieve it.

The Video on Youtube of the Vazquez Sounds
A few months ago, the brothers Angela, Gustavo and Abelardo, aged 10, 13 and 15 respectively, formed their musical group and decided to upload their first video on YouTube, which is a cover of Adele’s original song “Rolling in the deep”.

The video was edited on his home computer by Abelardo, the oldest of them in an attempt to publicize his talent (they have it!). Supported by their father, these young people became overnight into a musical phenomenon that according to some connoisseurs is revolutionizing the world music market.

With more than 80 million visits, the cover today occupies the first places of sales in online music stores and especially in iTunes and its fame has spread to the level of the great stars of pop music.

What we should highlight from this example is that these young people did not invest thousands of dollars in advertising promotion to make themselves known. Nor did they have to do dozens of castings with different producers or ask a label to record an album for them. Nothing of that! Their success lies in having tried to use the web and social networks as a means of promotion that worked for them!

And it is right there where you find the first secret of making money online: learning how the network works. And learning requires as a first element a lot of disposition and an attitude willing to absorb all the possible information about it. But the Vazquez Sounds example is not the only one of its kind.

Justin Bieber and his Videos on Youtube
Some years ago, Justin Bieber had done something similar. And for those who remember the story, in 2007 Justin’s mother also used YouTube to upload videos of the covers played by little 12-year-old Justin so that his family and friends could appreciate his talent.

The viral phenomenon was very similar to what the Vazquez Sounds are experiencing today because in a short time their videos reached millions of visits until Scooter Braun, a So So Def company executive. He discovered his talent and contacted him to record his first album. The rest is history.

You can see here one of the original videos of Justin Bieber uploaded by his mother and that exceeds 6 million visits on YouTube.Peng Joon and his Affiliate Marketing Systems

Peng is a 20-year-old young man who has masterfully used all the affiliate systems tools to generate more than 12 thousand dollars a month from your computer. If you still don’t know much about the affiliate market, take a look at this post.

This restless and singularly charismatic young man at his young age has not only built his own system of generating income through the network Rather, he shares it in his e-book “How to Make Money Away From Home”, hinting that you can earn money while traveling the world.

And it is that Peng really travels through the different cities of the United States and Europe giving expensive seminars to reveal their secrets. The amazing thing about this example is that Peng’s system is not something new or that many of us are not aware of, but rather the fact that he has perfected the business model.

Some time ago I was impressed with this video that I am sharing with you today and it made me go deeper into how they work affiliate systems. The results I have obtained are great and that is why I want you to see it although I must clarify that it is in English (as well as all its material).

However, I find his tips so good that I am sure that you will be able to take advantage of something from Peng Joon and if you do not know English then ask your cousin to help you translate it, but do not miss out on this invaluable material.

You can also visit their official page or learn more about Peng Joon’s system of how to earn money from away from home by clicking here. Wait for the second part of this post where I will share more methods because I am sure that money is on the internet for everyone!

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