Start a Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops Franchise

Life is better without car payments

Since 1975, Merlin has never forgotten that to be competitive and successful, we have to be both better and different. Our goal is to build long-term customer relationships while providing car repair and maintenance solutions that allow our customers to focus on their everyday priorities rather than car maintenance and repair.

We focus on long-term customer relationships with “regular repeaters” and are successful because we really care about and offer the right combination of products and services. No other undercarriage service chain has something like THE DRIVE FOR 200,000. This is one of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us.

Our stores help motorists enjoy the life of their vehicle and not have to make another round of car payment until the time comes. Merlin stores provide all of the maintenance and repair services required to keep the average vehicle going. In addition, Merlin stores have the unique DRIVE FOR 200,000, an easy to follow and understand maintenance program that is much cheaper than any dealer program.

Why choose Merlin?

  • No automotive experience required!
  • Established brand in business for over 40 years
  • Brand awareness and industry leading economy
  • DRIVE FOR 200,000 Miles maintenance program
  • 200,000 miles guarantee on tires, brakes and silencers
  • State-of-the-art offsite training center and in-shop e-learning program

The Merlin 200,000 difference

We stand alone in the automotive aftermarket. Nobody else has anything so extensive or economical. Merlin warranties and programs relate to the 200,000 mile concept to inform customers that Merlin Shops are ready to service their vehicle for the long term.

THE DRIVE FOR 200,000, Merlin’s proprietary maintenance program, is a simple and affordable plan This not only applies to vehicles under the manufacturer’s warranty, but up to 200,000 miles and more.

We’ll help you go further

Merlin has developed numerous comprehensive support tools to guide you through the many important aspects of your business:

  • Multi-volume Merlin operating manual
  • Marketing Handbook
  • Regular visits from Merlin sales representatives to support important system functions such as:
    • Sales techniques
    • Product procurement and installation
    • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Marketing and communication
  • Merlin uses a third party inspection service to examine and evaluate:
    • Customer service
    • Appearance of the facility
    • Implementation of the operating system

Merlin’s one-stop automotive service approach in combination with the 200,000 mile offer gives franchisees a significant advantage over competing automotive service chains.

Please request information below now to learn more about joining our legendary brand heritage!

* For more information, see point 19 of the Merlin FDD