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NEXTAFF helps companies reduce these costs by serving as an extension of a company’s human resources department, working to find employees who are an excellent partner for the job. Thanks to our proprietary X-FACTOR process, it has been statistically proven that our incredible success rate exceeds our competitors’ recruiting methods by up to 100%!

Aided by a large back-office support team that handles virtually every aspect of assisting with hired contract employees, NEXTAFF franchise owners have a clear advantage over competing companies in their community.

Here’s how you can benefit from investing in a NEXTAFF franchise:

  • Be confident in the knowledge that you are providing top-notch candidates for your clients, thanks to our unique X-FACTOR system and dedicated business support.
  • Average gross sales of $ 1,953,751, with average gross profits of $ 394,662, promote a median breakeven period of just 7 months!
  • Take advantage of low franchise royalty rates with our unique salary-based royalty collection system.
  • NEXTAFF’s extensive franchise territories allow you to expand your business further than you could ever do with a competing staffing company.
  • Get back-office support with daily operations, marketing, payroll, taxes and more from our massive business network.
  • Take advantage of the growing demand for assistance with applications even during times of high unemployment.

As a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner, you are not only preparing for success, wealth and high potential career fulfillment by helping others in your community achieve their career goals!

What time?

Is owning a staff business still a smart move for you in times of increased unemployment?

Surprisingly, the answer is YUP! Not only is the industry experiencing significant growth, but during times of high unemployment, companies still rely heavily on staffing agencies.

In our 20+ years in this industry, we have seen firsthand that high unemployment rates lead to companies being flooded with candidates, even for repair positions. Businesses tend to lack the bandwidth to review every resume and spend the time and resources needed to find the right one.

Using a staffing agency is an affordable and efficient way for companies to find the right employees. This means that when using NEXTAFF, businesses can focus on the big picture and keep growing their business!

Why choose us?

NEXTAFF is the ideal franchise opportunity for someone with a business background, sales experience and a drive to get to work to achieve entrepreneurial success.


Enjoy exceptional economy: If you’re in the market for a franchise with high ROI potential, you’ll be interested to know that our investment starts at $ 123,000, with system-wide averages of $ 1,953,751 *, which is a 269% sales-on-investment rate!

Keep your profit more: While other staff franchises collect royalties based on gross revenue or gross profit, NEXTAFF’s royalty payments are based on gross wages, leaving more profits in your pocket! (How much? Last year’s average gross profit was $ 394,662. *)

Gain the competitive advantage: X-Factor, our proprietary recruiting method, takes a holistic approach to matching employees to the right positions, giving our franchise owners a distinct advantage over the competition with a system that outperforms other agencies’ methods by up to 100%!

Count on total support: Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that offers world-class business support? Franchising offers greater potential for success when backed by quality business support, something our founder, Cary Daniel, learned from his previous experience with owning a staffing company.

NEXTAFF’s comprehensive back office support team is made up of experts who can assist you in virtually every aspect of your staffing company’s operations.

Build a bigger business: Why be confined to a small territory in your neighborhood when you can have a staffing agency that covers an entire county?

Our vast territory size and staffing capabilities across multiple verticals, including healthcare and IT, allow franchise owners to grow a larger business empire and potentially increase their earnings by doing so!

* Numbers obtained from article 19 of our FDD 2020

Ideal candidate:

We are looking for qualified investors who are passionate about bringing NEXTAFF’s proven recruitment process to businesses and job seekers in their community.

We are looking for new investors whose personal and career goals are in line with ours. Currently, our most successful franchise owners tend to possess the following characteristics.

  • Do you have a sales background, particularly in B2B sales? (While STAFF EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED, you need to have a solid background in sales.)
  • Do you have experience in business management at the executive level? Are you familiar with P&L and other high-level business operations?
  • Would you describe yourself as a high-energy person with a positive attitude? Are you committed to providing exceptional customer service?
  • Are you looking for a franchise that allows you to grow a business in a booming industry?

Training and support:

NEXTAFF offers a level of support that is not present in many franchises, not to mention franchises in the personnel sector.


Most NEXTAFF franchise owners come to us with little or no experience in the personnel industry. Our comprehensive initial training program covers all the basics for running a successful NEXTAFF location so you can open doors with confidence.


Franchise owners can rely on our strong support network to handle virtually all back office operations, including accounting and finance, payroll, and more! Focus on recruiting new businesses and maintaining relationships with existing customers while the support team does the heavy lifting.


The NEXTAFF business team is constantly producing new marketing materials and researching new effective strategies to give you cutting-edge assistance with website SEO, social media account management and blog management to put your NEXTAFF office in place. frontline on the local commercial scene.


In 1998, Cary Daniel and James Windmiller ambitiously started their first staffing company and were blown away by the success of their business as they grew. 10 locations within the first 18 months!

After selling their staff business in 2003, Cary and James spent time reflecting on the avoidable mistakes they had made that cost them valuable time and money. They began to realize that others could benefit from their new knowledge and be able to start a staffing business easier, faster, and with a stronger ROI.

Taking into account all the lessons learned, the duo launched NEXTAFF in 2004. By taking a step back and talking to customers as they analyzed the impact of their services’ profits, they identified new opportunities where they could deliver the most value.

Thanks to their new business model, NEXTAFF was able to thrive during the 2009 recession, growing by 15%, while the rest of the personnel sector fell by 30%!

In 2016, Cary and James teamed up with Tim and Terry Malone, owners of Malone Workforce Solutions, allowing NEXTAFF to use Malone’s back office, allowing their little concept to have an extensive support system.

To better serve their clients and add additional value to their services, the company spent a year researching all available hiring methods in order to produce its proprietary X-Factor method in 2017.

Once launched, Cary and James focused on growing the franchise.

Today, NEXTAFF is committed to expanding its presence and helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams across the country.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, this might be the right opportunity for you.

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