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Start a Home Franchise

We are invested in your success in one place at home.


A Home Location currently offers open areas in the United States.

A Place at Home is a senior focused care company that offers a continuum of care services including escort and licensed personal care, care coordination, personnel solutions for elderly care communities, medication management services, and mediation services that help seniors find the nearest place to call home.

Turning great people into successful owners

This overall approach recognizes that every situation is different, and the need for reliable, diverse, and consistent services from the same company is critical for seniors to age gracefully.

Senior-oriented care

  • In home care: Depending on the specific needs of the senior, we offer a wide range of bespoke services for the home. All nursing plans are created by a Registered Nurse (RN) and provided by a compassionate team.
  • Nursing coordination: We offer professional care planning, referrals and referrals, as well as working with medical and non-medical providers.
  • Alternatives for seniors: We are working to understand the criteria to best identify the life alternatives of a senior. We make it easy to move on to the next phase of life.
  • Staff: A Place at Home is ready to give our certified nursing aides to health bureaus that need additional help.

The CARE Track is a senior-focused development program that provides franchisees the education and tools to grow and develop their A Place at Home franchise.

With the “We are CARE” model as the basis for the program, franchisees learn how to:

  • Run a business geared towards seniors
  • Provide the necessary care for customers
  • Operations and Marketing
  • A home place in action
  • Ongoing support

CARE launch

Using the “We are CARE” model that serves as the foundation for the CARE Track program, franchisees will participate in a 40-hour hands-on training program at the flagship location in Omaha, Nebraska, where they will experience A Place At Home during the CARE launch phase in action and learn how to:

Run a senior-focused business:

The owners will interact with the staff and understand how day-to-day business actually goes through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training.

The special training program gives new owners specific insights into all aspects of running a franchise business. With a hands-on approach to learning, by the end of the session, owners will feel confident that they are well prepared to open the doors to their new business.

Necessary customer care:

Training on all aspects of an employee’s role is a critical step in understanding the unique role each employee plays across the company.

One of the foundations of the company is the belief that owners and management need to understand what the field workers do on a daily basis to run a successful care business.

This is achieved by applying the same training processes as for each individual employee.

Franchisees complete special training programs with the following modules:

  • Basic CARE
  • Personal or individual care
  • Med CARE
  • Administrative
  • Franchisee or office management

The training programs are also the programs that ultimately all employees will adopt for their specific role in the company.

Not only does this ensure that all employees are properly trained, it also ensures that the business owner understands the specific roles of their employees and in turn creates a more positive and educated workforce.

Operation and Marketing:

How well a company does its day-to-day business and how well it can market itself is the key to a company’s overall success.

Franchisees will learn how to use the planning software, track financial data, manage payroll, plan and market the company and its services, and other integral functions of the business, including:

Operations marketing
  • Daily management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Gain new clients
  • Service coordination
  • Human resources
  • recruitment
  • Rent
  • education
  • administration
  • development
  • Maintain
  • marketing
  • Sales strategy
  • presentations
  • Promotional material
  • website
  • SEO and SEM
  • Social media
  • Hubspot Marketing & Sales Software
  • PR

CARE coaching

We understand the importance of having someone to turn to with questions.

For this reason, part of the CARE track includes access to the company founders, advice, support with accounting / payroll accounting with QuickBooks online and visits on site.

There are weekly coaching calls with the Director of Business Performance covering topics from sales, referral sources, and networking to customer and / or HR concerns. Franchisees also have access to CARE Sales and CARE Ops, an online training library of useful information.

The relationship that is built through this level of communication and support not only gives the owners confidence that they can run their business, but also that they can build a successful business.


If you are 100% committed to CARE Track, you will look after a customer for the first 90 days after the start, or we will waive your first 6 months of license fees.

We take care

This is the time when franchisees start living the We are CARE philosophy.

Franchisees are out and about in the community, meeting sources of recommendation, recruiting, and accepting customers and support persons. They get to know the resources and data needed to grow and develop their business by reducing sales and increasing referrals.

An integral part of the program is the use of satisfaction surveys, which use actual feedback from customers and carers to gain insights into the business. As you learn how to use these powerful tools, you can get an accurate picture of customer and caregiver satisfaction month after month so the company can identify areas that are strong and need improvement.

Do you take care?

Ideal owners should be passionate about owning an elderly care business based largely on personal experience caring for those in need.

This can include

Those with a medical or senior care background and affected by a senior have a desire to be part of a movement that offers a higher level of senior care, or someone looking for a career change that will make a difference the quality of others lives.

The philosophy “We are CARE” should be based on your personal goals and the willingness to include these values ​​in your daily role as the owner of A Place At Home as well as in your daily dealings with customers and their team.

There should be an innate desire to network and build relationships within the community in order to grow the business and measure yourself against competitors while constantly driving to size.

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