Start a business with medical recruiters

Start a business with medical recruiters

Development of innovative medical personnel companies … A proven, unique model for success


Medical Staffing Consultants (MSC) have been helping entrepreneurs set up, operate and grow successful medical personnel and recruiting companies since 2003. We are still the only non-franchise company in the industry and our customer network has grown to over 250.

Msc’s proven, unique business model and turnkey programs, based on more than 30 years of industry expertise, offer individuals with no prior experience the opportunity to successfully capitalize on the national shortage of healthcare professionals.

Why Own a Medical Human Resources Company?

Medical recruitment agencies are the only resource that hospitals can use to replenish their workforce without going out of business. Whether you’re starting a medical recruitment agency or looking to step up your current surgery, expert insight is key.

At Medical Staffing Consultants, we can give your medical recruitment agency actionable insights on how to increase your profits and open up new markets. Contact us to learn more about how you can capitalize on this growing market.


As an MSC owner, you have several advantages over the competition.

Some of these benefits are:

  • You will be trained to recruit and place healthcare professionals for a permanent permanent (direct hiring), daily rate (temporary contract position) and a travel base.
  • They can offer jobs to over 225 different healthcare professionals. from nurses to pharmacists; Medical assistants for therapists; as well as administrators. Most recruitment agencies stick to a job that limits their sources of income.
  • They can accommodate a variety of health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools, subacute centers, doctor’s offices, clinics, home care agencies, contracts with cities, states, and many others.
  • In addition to serving your region, you can serve anywhere in the US from one office.

Medical Staffing Consultants understand that starting your own medical staffing company is a big step. All MSC programs include a detailed 3-phase process.

Our 3-phase program includes:

The process includes everything from creating your corporate brand to providing consulting services after intensive training in all areas of the medical staff. Our highly qualified team of project managers and senior consultants accompanies you every step of the way in order to found and expand your own medical personnel company.


Using the various MSC providers, your assigned project manager will assist you with everything that is required for a successful start of your business. You’ve done everything from choosing a company name to creating a corporate brand and logo to designing a website.

We’ll also help you register your business with your state and county, develop a relationship with a software provider, hire people, and take any other steps required before starting your business!


MSC’s training programs last between 3 and 10 days. During this process, you will learn about the ins and outs of the medical human resources business.

Our senior consultants support you in drawing up a comprehensive business plan. During this time, we will train you in everything from hiring and selling, to certifying candidates, drawing up client contracts and all other key areas of business required to run your medical recruitment agency successfully under the brand name.

Training and Business Live Launch are provided by seasoned industry professionals at your place of business so you can learn through observation and experience. The trainers play role-play and recruit and sell in real time. That way, you will learn how to run the business and make sure that you can do all of the daily chores.


At this point, you should have confidence in your own skills and the tools and resources that you will need to run your business. However, you will still need assistance with some aspects of daily operations. Our ongoing support service program includes continuous access to your experienced advisor.

We will remain closely involved in the long term. We offer advice, guidance, planning, and new resources to help you grow your business into an even bigger business.

90% of our customers I have no experience in healthcare or any related business field. Whether you are experienced or not, MSC is here to train you in all aspects of the business.

Our ideal candidate is someone who …

  • Is a motivated self-starter.
  • Has (or is willing to hire someone with) good interpersonal skills or an eye for detail.
  • Strives to provide excellent customer service.
  • Is increasingly dissatisfied with working for other people.
  • Has initiative and willingness to work hard and be successful.
  • Wants to be her own boss.
  • Want to help others have a great work experience.
  • Want to provide quality healthcare to patients in need.
  • Wants excellent earning potential.
  • Wants to leave a financial legacy for their families.
  • Want a safe retirement.

Whether you have any or all of the above qualities, MSC will show you how to excel in all areas of the medical human resources industry!

Medical Staffing Consultants is the only company to offer this detailed three-phase model that will prepare you to run and grow a large, profitable medical staffing agency. Give us a call or contact us today to learn more about how to use this model to start your own successful medical personnel agency!

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