the best natural remedy for stress ⋆ American Business

the best natural remedy for stress ⋆ American Business

Looking for a natural way to treat stress? It’s as easy as heading to your local shelter and finding a new furry addition to your family. Therapists and doctors recommend pets, especially dogs, to improve mental health and wellness. Dogs help improve mental and physical health, but they themselves don’t need fancy training (other than basic obedience) which is why emotionally supported animals are so popular. Learn more about why dogs are the best natural remedy for anxiety.

Dogs encourage exercise

While recommending anxiety can lead to unexpected results, it is true. Exercise is an important part of a mental and physical health plan. Even walking every day has a huge impact on your state of mind and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Dog owners walk on average more than non-dog owners. Fido should ideally walk twice a day (thirty minutes each walk would be ideal) with plenty of play time such as fetching and tug-of-war.

Natural stress remedies


Many people with anxiety feel lonely. Dogs are the perfect companion, helping their owners feel less lonely. Anxiety can be isolating, especially phobias or social anxiety, just getting out of the house can be difficult. The dog is by your side on good days and bad, loyal and supportive no matter what.


Many people experience anxiety while traveling, even those who do not have anxiety disorders. Airports are crowded and can be chaotic, causing anxiety. Emotionally supported animals can travel with their owners on flights, sitting on their laps or in the space in front of the seat. There is no charge for keeping pets. Having an emotional support animal next to you can play a critical role during flight – a natural way to reduce travel stress and anxiety.

Dogs are a natural way to eliminate anxiety, whether you sometimes experience stress or have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Therapists and other licensed mental health professionals recommend dogs for people with a variety of anxiety disorders, from generalized to social. Dogs help stimulate exercise and are ideal companions, especially when traveling. If you are interested in having a dog help you deal with your anxiety, start by visiting a local shelter. There are many dogs in need of a large home, of different breeds, ages and sizes. Dog shelters are the best pets and a great first stop. If you are interested in a specific breed, you can check the pedigree finder group or special mix guides for each breed.

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