⋆ 5 Branding Mistakes That Kill Your Small Business ⋆ American Business

⋆ 5 Branding Mistakes That Kill Your Small Business ⋆ American Business

Brand building for your business is about creating a story that resonates with the people they might relate to. It’s about building relationships.

Thus, assembling the pieces can be time consuming and sometimes can cost a lot of money.

How embarrassing to see so many small businesses invest time and effort to see their consequences only as a result of avoidable mistakes.

This can even happen with big businesses. It’s easy to look away from the prize and make mistakes.

Here are some easily avoidable mistakes that can hurt your branding efforts.

1) inconsistent branding

Your logo, your keyword phrase, and your overall look and feel of your ads and social media must be consistent. If you have different logos for different platforms, then your branding will not be in demand.

Rule 7, which means that a person must see your ad or logo and be branded seven times before it becomes instantly recognizable, which cannot happen if your branding is inconsistent.

Part of that is also being pretty aggressive and using many different platforms and media to get your brand and company out there.

2) Don’t use all your staff

Every employee on your staff needs to be involved in marketing. You might think that you need your marketing and sales teams to do a great job building and maintaining your brand, but the rest of the staff needs to know the plan.

Let them know how the company needs to present itself and ask them to play their part so that in case they find themselves in the role of a customer, they know how to stay in touch.

3) Ignoring your metrics

Any marketing to build your brand must be able to be tracked and measured. Reducing the numbers can show you where your efforts matter and other areas that need improvement.

Whether it’s traffic to your website, engagement with social media, or even just reaching out to existing customers to ask them how they perceive your brand, everyone can help.

4) Not knowing your mission

Your brand is not just something that needs to be recognizable. It should also help tell your story. When people see your logo, they also need to know what your company is about.

Making sure you know your core product or service and how it helps people is easy to forget. Quitting trying to make your logo or recognizable phrase is only half the job.

Be aware of all of your platforms and make sure every member of your organization knows what the company’s mission is.

5) Refusal to work together

Using other brands can help you as well. Finding a company that is not competitive that shares a customer base is called Affiliate Marketing and is explained here.

Collaboration should be mutually beneficial, so make sure you bring something to the relationship as well.

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