How to Accept Payments Online or From Any Country

How to Accept Payments Online or From Any Country

When you are considering the possibility of expand your business and marketing a product or service over the Internet, one of the first concerns that arise is how do I get paid? How do I accept payments online and how do I get to my account?

And it is that globalization, social networks and the Internet in general have opened endless possibilities for do business that we cannot miss. On the one hand, I must tell you that there are a large number of low-cost services that you can acquire through the Internet, quickly and safely.

But there is also a huge demand for innovative products and services that you can offer that will allow you to significantly increase your income. Of course and as I always mention it, you have to be open to learning and knowing how these businesses work and gradually stick with those options with which we feel comfortable.

But returning to the central theme, once you are ready to open your own online store, to do some business buying and selling on Ebay, entering an affiliate program or marketing products offline with clients in other countries, you will need to count with reliable and secure means of payment.

Personally, I have tried traditional means of receiving payments such as checks, which work very well except for one detail that I don’t like: the time it takes to arrive and then the time it takes to clear those checks if you don’t have a dollar account. That in my country it is up to 30 or 40 days. And with the risk that it has already happened to me a couple of times that they can be lost and you have to request a forwarding that doubles the time to have the funds.

Also, in a previous opportunity I shared about one of the methods that I use and that I highly recommend for its reliability and that is Paypal. A proven system that allows you to receive payments from anywhere in the world and which you can read more widely in this article I wrote some time ago: learning to use Paypal as a means of payment.

But my favorite option due to its characteristics and that I have used for some time is an international debit card.

International Debit Card

This system works through a card issuer that operates a payment system that works through a debit card that is associated with an account in the USA. That means you can also receive payments, deposits and transfers directly from the United States to that account.

The funds deposited as payments on your card are immediately available to be used for local consumption or you can withdraw your money at ATMs anywhere in the world. I love how easy and fast it works.

How to get your card

The procedure to obtain your card is very simple:

  1. Request your card in this link
  2. You will be notified by email of your request
  3. The next step is to verify your data
  4. Then they will notify you of the shipment of your card by post, it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks (mine takes 3 weeks to arrive)
  5. Once you receive it you must activate it
  6. Ready now you can receive payments and use your card

Regarding costs, the annual membership of the card has a value of $ 29.95 dollars, the consumptions have no surcharge and the commission that they charge you for each payment received is 1% which seems low considering all the benefits you get with the itself and for having an account in the USA in your name.

In addition, when requesting your card, after receiving the first payment they give you a bonus of $ 25 dollars with which your membership is practically free.

You should also know that this card can be associated with other means of payment to receive transfers such as Amazon, Clickbank and 100 other companies, as well as direct deposits from the USA.

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