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The way your office is furnished, equipped and lit can directly affect the attitudes, behavior and work ethic of your employees. Office layout (i.e. the floor plan of your office space) and office decor (i.e. furniture, furnishings and lighting) affect employees’ experience at work and therefore affect their ability to strategize, think creatively, deal with stress and even collaborate well.

Therefore, as a business owner, it is in your best interest to make your office inspiring, welcoming and fun! Here are five ways to make your office space the perfect environment for your employees to thrive.

Wide open spaces

Keeping your office bright and light will keep your workers awake and productive. Especially natural light helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue. As a bonus, employees who work in offices with lots of natural light experience less eye fatigue and headaches than those who don’t. Therefore, if possible, create a floor plan that allows all of your staff to see the exterior and plenty of natural light.

The best way to do this is to make your floor plan an open office plan. This will serve you well as an open office automatically creates a more creative environment. Those who work in an open office are not only happier overall, but are also more likely to communicate well with their colleagues and collaborate effectively.

Add Touch of Green

An easy way to keep your employees productive and happy? Bring some greenery to your office interior design. A study from the University of Exeter found that employees working in green spaces are 15% more productive than their peers.

Green office helps keep employees focused on , and studies have shown that greens can improve air quality. Your employees will not only be happier but also healthier.

Create cozy spaces

While many workers like the open office plan, it is important to create multiple jobs, including cozy ones. , quiet places to research, write and focus on projects. In addition to your main work area, create a larger area with sofas and home décor, phone booths, and more spacious meeting areas.

Make these spaces comfortable and user-friendly. Interior designers suggest designing specific areas in your office based on social behavior. Your public spaces will be louder, so make your interior design look like a cafe. Your quiet work areas should feel like a home library. Whatever you do, design with intent.

Encourage individuality

Your employees spend more time in the office than at home! Whether you are trying to start your startup from scratch or your business is well established, you will find that your employees are more likely to embrace your vision if they can make their workplace theirs. home away from home. Invest in ibi for your office and let your employees share photos and videos. While your office is primarily a place for business, it can also feel like home. Ibi can easily help you with this.

When in doubt, bring in professionals

You are a busy business owner and your project manager definitely doesn’t have the time to redesign your office for you. If you decide to redesign your space, sometimes it’s best to leave it to professionals. Interior designers specializing in office design have a track record of expanding and enhancing office space of all shapes and sizes.

When you work with an expert firm like Uneebo, you don’t have to worry about buying a new office. furniture, design your office, create renderings or even move your office furniture. Schedule a free consultation and find out what a professional firm has to offer you.

Your employees are your company’s best asset. Making sure they are happy, healthy, and content with their environment is the best way to ensure their productivity and dedication to their company and work.

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