The Inverse Logic of Business

The Inverse Logic of Business

This is one of the many messages that reach us on the 1000 Business Ideas blog. In this case it is a 19-year-old boy whose message seemed more than interesting and very valuable because it perfectly exemplifies the process of starting a business so I share it and transcribe it literally:

“Hi, how are you? My name is Max, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Mexico.

It seems to me that many have ignored the fact that business is more than just logic And from it, do not expect to live 3 days after opening your business, I have a clothing store together with a partner and what we did is the initial investment, after our same profits invest everything again, and so on until the The priorities of the place were 100%, that is to say that we both still have a separate job and that has become our mattress in case of crisis, advertising and marketing are also important, campaigns that help you attract new customers and generate in them a sense of belonging to your business.

We implement one of Robert Kiyosaki’s ideas in which our money generates more money Without the need for us to be present since we upload our catalog to the Internet (it is a very good market to exploit) and after arriving home we simply answer questions or establish an order, our first investment has worked in a cycle so that we do not need to put a single peso more than the 1000 pesos that we each invested at the beginning (that is, I only invested 1000 pesos and that same money has worked leaving income of more than double or triple).

I feel that the great secret of business is to invest again, because that way you see more reflected how your money generates more money, for now the next step in our business is to establish a salary, the maximum amount that we can receive for each month without this affecting its finances.

Greetings and do not be discouraged start a business the secret is not to neglect it and try to understand the market you are selling to and how to exploit it in the best way. “ – Max Sandoval Dávila

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