Start a School of Rock Franchise

Start a School of Rock Franchise

Do what you love to do … Turn your passion into a full time gig!

Traditional music education approaches rarely teach students how to perform with other musicians, and instead focus on teaching music only one-to-one. The School of Rock method is different.

We combine one-to-one tuition with group rehearsals and live performances and begin students on their musical journey by teaching the songs that inspire them. This integrated SongFirst® approach teaches students techniques and theory and helps them apply those skills when performing with other musicians. This method leads to remarkable musical skills.

The patent-pending School of Rock method includes the method books, method app, manuals and method engine for integrating the content. The app is designed to be used by students and teachers. It contains all the exercises from the books, tools for practicing music skills at home and also for parents to monitor child’s progress.

This unique approach and our love for rock music help young, aspiring musicians find themselves, hone their talents and build the confidence they need in their lives. School of Rock is a safe place for children to learn, make friends with other children who are interested in music, and to carve out a niche for themselves in a world where they may never have felt they belonged before.

Five reasons to own a rock school:

  • Make a Real Difference: Influence Children’s Lives Through Music.
  • Turn your passion into profit: your love of music can be your career.
  • Financing Options Available: If you meet our minimum requirements, our partnership with ApplePie Capital will make financing easier.
  • A proprietary School of Rock method including Method Books, App and Engine that provides a unique experience in music education.
  • Support in the search and rental of real estate as well as in planning and construction.

Training and support

Our goal is to help you find, open, occupy, market, and run your School of Rock real estate quickly and safely. You get access to our proven business model, including operational and financial practices, to grow your business quickly.

We provide a complete package of ready-to-use marketing tools and business support to implement these customer acquisition and retention strategies. You and your staff will learn how to use our Motivation Levels to get kids to learn an instrument, overcome stage fright, and play great classical rock music through hands-on sessions and a comprehensive curriculum guide.

Whether you’re a seasoned business executive looking to buy a franchise or a musician looking to build your first business, we’ve built an incredible support team ready to give you everything you need to build your business.

We’re looking for candidates who share our passion and want to make a difference in their community.

Are you ready to rock Simply send the inquiry form to find out more and to get in touch!

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