The 6 Most Curious Names for Business

Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking the perfect name for your business. They dream of finding something clever, creative, and sticky so customers never forget it.

Finding a good name takes a lot of work and I personally think that in the long run the brand is built around the name and not the other way around. However, there are those who prefer the easy way when it comes to naming their company.

And although we have to recognize that in many cases there is a good dose of creativity to make the concept fit perfectly, some people think that this type of practice is not recommended at all, especially when you play to design a logo very similar to the one of the idea original since at some point it could cause intellectual property problems, which of course is a subject that gives rise to much and very wide discussion.

And well, without further ado, here I share some of the 6 most curious names for deal that lead us to the question of whether it is really creativity or controversy.

What do you think about it?

1. Business: The integral beauty salon

2. Business: Churrascos

3. Business: The mechanic shop

4. Business: The taqueria on the corner

5. Business: The Impression Center

6. Business: Car wash

Well, which one is your favorite?

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