3 Tricks To Go From Job To Business

3 Tricks To Go From Job To Business

Most people, when they want to improve their financial situation, choose first to simply look for a better job.

They are even willing to work harder, longer hours, or have to perform complicated tasks for the sole purpose of getting better pay (which is not always the case).

Over time they realize that employment is not exactly the answer because it is reduced to an activity of simply exchanging time for money and in which, even if you worked the 24 hours that your day has, it would not reach you.

So as the years go by, the idea of ​​starting something of our own is born in us. Which by the way, it is not that it is easy or that you will become a millionaire for tomorrow.

In fact, many entrepreneurs claim that having a business it also requires a lot of investment of time, money and energy that most of the time we do not have.

But yes, the difference is that it opens up a world of possibilities that can lead to freedom and significant economic improvement in the medium term if you build your business properly.

So how do we go from employment to business in a practical and successful way?

3 Tricks To Go From Job To Business

1. Build a personal brand

A personal brand is something that distinguishes you as a professional. It has to do with your image, what you transmit, what you speak and what you think (even on social networks).

Take advantage of every opportunity in your current job to build your personal brand. Turn who you are into something that represents enormous value to those around you.

Social networks are an excellent tool for this because there you can transmit it in a powerful way. Open a profile on Linkedin and on the main networks and let the world know what you can contribute.

Take good care of your personal image and even consider very well the type of personal relationships you cultivate since sooner or later all this affects your future.

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2. Define your goals and get out of your comfort zone

It is well known: who does not have goals does not get anywhere.

Make a plan. Define what you want to do with your life. If you want to start then start taking the steps that take you there and set a date. But for this, you must get out of that comfort zone where you are not going anywhere.

Start today by doing different things. Prepare yourself, read books, meet successful people, take specialized courses and start taking the course you want in life. Remember that nothing will change until you change.

3. Don’t work for money

This might sound a bit counterintuitive. But it is a fact. The formula for getting out of financial trouble is to change your focus. Instead of just looking for more income, focus on building, creating solutions, serving people, and then the money will start pouring in anyway.

Finally, money is not happiness as such, but it is a means to achieve your professional, personal and family goals.

As you can see, the real “trick“Of these tips resides in that they are things that we all know but that begin to work only at the moment that each one makes the decision to do something.


Finally remember. Things start to change the moment we take action. And the action comes from different thoughts.

If you are determined, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs where the challenges never end and one of these days, when you are ready, you will be able to take the great leap of going from employment to business.

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