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As the demand for additional education in the franchise industry continues to grow, brands compete for new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

For Sylvan Learning, that competitive advantage begins with its world-class programs – the brand’s 40+ years of experience, combined with a focus on staying one step ahead of the latest trends both inside and outside the classroom, continues to resonate with families across the country .

Why Sylvan is the premier educational franchise


Sylvan helps young students reach their full potential and make their dreams come true. Our results-oriented approach to tutoring and exam preparation is proven to improve school performance and prepare children for a life of success.


Sylvan provides extensive training and support for franchisees and employees. The executive team makes system-wide calls monthly to share news and celebrate successes.


The total investment range for a Sylvan Learning Center is $ 70,270 to $ 163,625. Franchisees are offered a flat license fee with all built-in costs so that operations run smoothly without any surprise costs.


The Sylvan Franchise Owners Association acts as the elected representative and voice of the franchisees. Our collaboration with the owners helps keep our business moving as we are always one step ahead of industry trends.

How Sylvan Learning lays the foundation for the future of education

  • For decades, Sylvan has always been one step ahead of the curve in the education industry, perfecting personalized learning and offering a rare 3 to 1 ratio between students and teachers.
  • SylvanSync, the engaging e-learning platform Sylvan implemented in 2012, started when most K-12 learning was still done on pen and paper.
  • With the National Center for Education Statistics forecasting an increase in college enrollments over the next 10 years – from 19.9 million in fall 2018 to 20.5 million students in fall 2027 – demand for higher education shows no signs of slowing.
  • As admissions standards have become stricter, Sylvan has developed tools to help more students gain resources to prepare for SAT and ACT college, ultimately increasing the chance of gaining acceptances, scholarships, and degrees.
  • Sylvan does independent research on his programs to make sure they are delivering results. Sylvan is the only tutoring company that systematically measures academic performance.

How Sylvan Learning’s Franchisee Support Systems Drive Sustainable Success

A center-level management team, a dedicated franchise management consultant, and real-time access to the Sylvan Support Center add to the unmatched support Sylvan franchisees receive.

  • Sylvan Learning is uniquely qualified to offer unmatched support to its franchise system because of the extensive center-level experience that each member of their franchise operations team possesses.
  • Sylvan franchisees benefit from this comprehensive support and guidance From the moment they deal with the brand, which goes through the whole opening process and opens regularly once their center is open.
  • In addition to a network of existing franchisees from whom they can learn and share best practices, new Sylvan franchisees Real-time access to a dedicated franchise management consultant Who to turn to for operational insights and the Sylvan Support Center for immediate needs once they’re up and running.
  • Members of the Sylvan corporate team regularly spend time in centers communicating with employees and franchisees to understand the unique challenges they face and identify opportunities. The brand also lasts regional training on a consistent basis Facilitating the sharing of new tools and best practices.

How Sylvan Learning’s Marketing Team Prepares Franchisees for Local Success

The leading complementary education brand shares all resources and hands-on training, and supports franchisees to transform the lives of more students.

  • Sylvan Learning franchisees market their centers to the grassroots by attending local events and working with local businesses.
  • Local marketing tactics, including creating exclusive discounts for local events, are an effective way to increase registration, brand awareness, and knowledge of services.
  • Sylvan Learning offers franchisees a flat license fee of 16% of gross monthly sales that covers all fees and costs associated with running their business, including all marketing costs. The corporate team places great emphasis on empowering franchisees to run local marketing campaigns.
  • Sylvan Learning franchisees utilize an extensive network of support and communication throughout the system and benefit from in-house knowledge, resources, support and strategies.
  • Sylvan offers an online marketing hub with customizable marketing materials and scripts to start conversations with local influencers like PTA presidents and local businesses aimed at parents. The Sylvan team recognizes that different franchisees have different strengths and love to play with franchisees to help them feel safe within their reach.
  • Local marketing is key to student academic success.

What Makes a Successful Sylvan Learning Franchisee?

You don’t have to have an educational background to be a successful Sylvan Learning franchisee.

We are looking for candidates with an entrepreneurial drive and experience in sales, marketing, management or technology.

We want you to combine that experience and drive with a passion to improve the lives of students and your franchise.

  • , title : 'Sylvan Franchisee, Gloria Swardenski’s journey to opening her first business.
    Sylvan Franchisee, Gloria Swardenski’s journey to opening her first business.

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