Start a FIRE Fitness Camp Franchise

Start a FIRE Fitness Camp Franchise


It is our sole purpose to provide our customers with the most phenomenal training experience in the world.

We took that at the FIRE Fitness Camp FAILURE FROM FITNESS by offering professionally trained GPT (Group Personal Training) sessions through top-notch motivators. FIRE can include supersets, circuits, speed, resistance, and compound movements.

The “functional” side of FIRE represents training the body for activities in daily life. Not to mention our incredibly successful approach of burning the most calories during our 30 MINUTE SESSIONS by using short rest periods and intense resistance that can come in the form of ropes, weights, sleds, tires, your own body weight, etc. .

The short rest periods also help boost your metabolism, which ultimately leads to it FAST Results.

What you get

  • A premium fitness brand
  • The workout masterpiece with videos with instructions
  • FIRE University Training & Ongoing Support
  • Proven Selling $ Process
  • Hundreds of documented transformations
  • Professional workouts delivered for you
  • Music playlists ready for you
  • Professional desktop and mobile website

Hans started out as a club manager at Anytime Fitness®. It wasn’t long before he began to feel the powerful effects health and fitness had on ordinary, everyday people. Where he saw the greatest value was in the personal training department.

He began overseeing many other sites and putting together his own training program and process. The result was NEXT LEVEL. Hans personally developed a “CMRT” system that achieved absolutely unbelievable results with his customers, both physically and emotionally.

I will never take my foot off the accelerator and will continue to focus all of my work and energy in different ways to deliver the most phenomenal training experience on the planet to our clients. – Founder Hans Hartleben

One of his greatest accomplishments was bringing his HammerFit training program to the public by using an abandoned restaurant for a facility and just a few basic pieces of equipment. Hans was fully booked and could not accept any more customers within the first month. The results have been amazing.

Since Hans always wanted to offer his customers more, he decided on a new hybrid training system called FIRE (Functional, Intensive, Resistance, Exercise), where customers could get 100% more, 80% less than with conventional personal training.

The rest was history!

The FIRE Fitness Camp is now that BIGGEST and FASTEST growing bootcamp style franchise in Wisconsin with over twenty open locations!


You are just one step away! To maintain the availability of territories and learn more about what it takes to own and operate a successful FIRE Fitness Camp …

Are you ready to open your own FIRE Fitness Camp location and spark your passion?

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