Start an American Gutter Monkeys Franchise

Start an American Gutter Monkeys Franchise

As long as the sky is producing rain, the American Gutter Monkeys will answer the call!


In early 2020, the Cape Cod Gutter Monkeys, which are now from the Mashpee industrial park, have grown to eight trucks and nearly 20 employees. Her award-winning marketing program has been recognized by the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association for five consecutive years.

They also opened South Shore Gutter Monkeys (Plymouth to Hingham) in 2017, a licensed sister company that, according to Dennis, “is growing a little faster than the Cape Cod Gutter Monkeys”.

With the recently established South Coast Gutter Monkeys, the team has created the American Gutter Monkeys, a licensed franchisor, with the intention of taking the brand to other areas of the state and beyond. “I like going to work every day,” says Andy. “I don’t miss the corporate word at all.”

Why should you choose American Gutter Monkeys?

  • Optimized start-up process at home.
  • Fast learning curve.
  • Corporate training, ongoing support, cloud-based.
  • High profitability with expandable revenue streams.
  • Award-winning marketing / branding program.
  • Huge underserved market with limited competition.
  • Highly optimized business model.
  • Customer service in focus.

Optimized start-up process at home

In more than 35 years as a freelancer, founder Dennis Siggins has compiled a hit list of the industry’s inconveniences, time wasters and distractions.

We’ve effectively eliminated (or at least minimized) these. When our service teams and owners leave the shop every day, they produce revenue-generating activities!

1. Suggested startup cost between $ 150,000 and $ 240,000.

We recommend that each new franchisee be fully funded when they open. Initial setup costs include a $ 50,000 franchise fee, service cart, van with extrusion machines, ladders and tools, desk and computer, signage, work clothes, and working capital of $ 20,000.

2. Can be at home. Each of our offices started out as a home business.

Each of our currently operational offices started out as home operations. An additional room in your home and an adjacent garage should be enough.

3. Successful track record.

Our first location achieved sales of $ 1 million in year four. Our second location is well on its way to hitting the $ 1 million mark in roughly the same amount of time.

4. Recession-proof components for the company.

The average cost of a gutter cleaning and repair service in a residential area is $ 220 and is tailored to our target market. over 50 years of age, high-end, middle-income homes.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, while many companies and industries were devastated, each of our locations produced record years.


We support our franchisees in providing their customers with an efficient and great experience by supporting them from operations to marketing to ongoing research and development.

Corporate training, ongoing support, cloud-based systems

1. Field and site training.

Our field training starts with the safety of ladders and construction sites and includes all aspects of practical training related to cleaning gutters, optimizing and maintaining the gutter system, and installing gutters.

2. Training on office systems.

In-office training begins during the pre-franchise process and continues for the first few months after it starts. If necessary, the support will be continued continuously.

3. Marketing training and ongoing support.

We are very proud of our award-winning marketing system and look forward to working with you in making the program a reality.

4. Training and support in all aspects of the operation.

We will work with all franchisees in all aspects of business operations as needed, as needed and for as long as necessary. We want nothing but success for you and your team!


We are looking for enterprising individuals with a strong work ethic and integrity who also meet the financial requirements to become part of our franchise team.

Does our homemade, affordable, entry-level franchise sound like a fit?

Submit the inquiry form below now to learn more about owning your own American Gutter Monkeys today.

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