How to Start an Accounting Company

How to Start an Accounting Company

Accounting is one of the most primitive practices that exist in the world, although in many cases accounting and the companies that are dedicated to providing this service have evolved the basic concepts that remain unchanged over the years. If you are a professional accountant and you are thinking about set up your own accounting firm You can be sure that with a little effort and responsibility you will soon have a business that allows you to have adequate income for your financial needs.

One of the things that we can observe in this business is the large number of companies that are dedicated to providing this service, it seems that the demand is high even with all the competition that may exist and the reason for this is that people or companies seek trustworthy people to whom they can turn for an accounting advice and entrust their accounts with all the peace of mind in the world.

1. Start with your close circle
The best way to start your accounting business It is looking for potential clients that among your acquaintances who can support you in this first stage, normally one of the advantages that this type of business provides us is that the costs and monthly expenses are very low, initially you only need to have a team of 2 or 3 people depending on the initial demand as well as a place (which can be your home) and basic office equipment to start working, so with a few clients you could easily pay the monthly expenses.

2. Potential customers
On the other hand, in this business we must learn to recognize potential clients which we can classify as new clients and dissatisfied clients, the first are clients who start in the labor or business market and they need advice on the management of accounts before government organizations such as the Treasury, these clients are a good objective to achieve since they are more accessible to hire a consultancy or a complete accounting job.

On the other hand, there are the “dissatisfied customers” who are those who have already had or have an accounting service but this service does not meet their expectations and are in search of a person or company that can provide them with fast and reliable solutions. These clients are a little more difficult to convince but it can be achieved with a good strategy or a good offer or give them a preferential price for 3 months with the idea that they try our service and thus the possibilities increase.

3. Marketing strategy
Once we have identified our clients we must go in search of them using a professional strategy and giving an image of responsibility and professionalism, something that we commonly see is that most of accounting firms is that they limit themselves to performing the work and do not offer an adequate service to the needs of the companies, some companies need monthly reports of different accounts and items that you could normally prepare for them without much effort showing them our interest in providing the best service.

A good way to attract customers to your company accountant is offering the training service to our clients. This is an added value that opens the door to new markets since these trainings must be focused on a topic of general interest and we can do them in groups of different clients or for a special client both in the company or in a hotel of this way we can show you our work and extensive knowledge.

Create an accounting company It is not a daunting task if the subject is known, but it is a task in which we must keep up to date in search of serving our clients in the best way, since a satisfied client is a client for life.

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