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Experimax: Computers, Tablets, Phones: Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair

Technology and franchising expertise together offer a game-changing opportunity.

Experimax is the innovator in technology sales and service for used computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, with a special focus on used Apple® products. Join us!

Since the franchise venture began in 2014, Experimax has sold over 100 franchises with over 50 branches currently open for business.

Now is your chance to enter this exciting, emerging new market!

Anyone can be an Experimax customer who offers much more income opportunities than a typical retail store or phone repair location with a single service, including:

  • Sale of used Apple® computers and devices
  • Repair of laptops, cell phones and tablets
  • Trade-in for existing devices
  • Sale of accessories and upgrades

Multiple sources of income and quality products

  • Experimax offers a thriving franchise model that benefits from multiple sources of income, a potentially large customer base, and specialization in a brand with high customer loyalty.
  • Experimax is actually two complementary companies, rolled into one. The sales page allows you to add ownership of highly sought-after used Apple® products to any customer’s budget. They do trade-ins and work with each customer to find the best solution for them.
  • They also offer repairs, upgrades, and other services so that your business can have a one-stop shop for all used Apple® product needs.

The Apple® brand is one of the world’s best-known brands. This recognition and attention to quality leads to better resale values ​​compared to other brands.

Research shows that used mobile iPad® devices can hold over 70% of their value and mobile digital iPhone® devices 53% of their value after 18 months. In our experience, used Apple® computers sell for up to 70% of their original cost.

This gives Experimax owners a unique opportunity.


We also make sure you are competent and ready to serve your community as an industry expert.

You will be participating in one of the most extensive training programs in the franchise industry, comprising two-week training courses at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

After that, you will receive one-on-one, in-store training to ensure you have the technical, business and marketing expertise you need. Ongoing training opportunities are also offered through regional meetings, our world exhibition events and our company’s own online education portal.

Are you ready to learn more about franchising with Experimax?
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This ad is not an offer to sell a franchise. Any offer to sell this franchise is made through a franchise disclosure document and only after registration by Experimax in a state that requires registration prior to sale. In New York: This advertisement is not an offer. An offer can only be made through a prospectus first filed with the New York State Department of Law. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Legal Department. In California: These franchises are registered under the California State Franchise Investment Act. Such registration does not constitute an approval, recommendation or endorsement by the Commissioner of the business commissioner, nor a determination by the Commissioner that the information provided herein is true, complete and not misleading. The use of the Apple Inc. logos or trademarks does not imply any affiliation with, endorsement or sponsorship by Apple Inc. of Experimax Franchising, LLC or the United Franchise Group. Apple®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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